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Short Description: Skype is one of the oldest voip services (probably the first one). It is the most used voip service. Skype is a part of Microsoft now and it offers apps for all types of devices. It has app for computer, android, iphone, blackberry, windows mobile and others as well. It is mainly famous because of its video calling feature and free calls among skype users. The video call quality is really great and people just prefer it over others.

Skype Promotional Offers

  • Skype eGift Cards – help your loved ones stay in touch by gifting them skype credit.
  • Send a Skype eGift Card online and show friends and family the wonders of Skype Credit.
  • Call mobiles and landines
  • Send $10-$200
  • Call over 200 destinations

Key Features

  • Free Video Calls among Skype Users – video calls among skype users is always free
  • Free Voice Calls among Skype Users
  • Available for all Mobile Devices and Tablets: You name a device and I am sure Skype will have an app for it.
  • Chat with Facebook: Skype can be integrated with your Facebook account and allows you to video calls from facebook itself.
  • Cheap International Calls with SkypeOut: It offers very competitive pricing for international calls to normal mobiles and landlines
  • Free Video Conferences/Multiple People Chat: A premium feature by skype
  • Desktop Sharing, Skype Click to Call, Send Files and much more …

More information about Skype

  • Skype Review: An article discussiong and touching all the aspects of Skype voip and its features. This will help you know about Skype and why should you zero upon skype.

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