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Short Description: With more than 5 million users and growing everyday, Yuilop is one of very popular social communication application. It not only offers free calls and text and chat to other Yuilio users but it allows you to call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile and chat, anywhere in the world for free. Friends and family don’t need to have yuilop to receive calls, voice or SMS messages – it’s still free.

Yuilop has been rebranded to UppTalk

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Key Features

  • Use it on any mobile – Has app for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Free Calls, Text and SMS Chat with Yuilop Users – For free with your friends who are also using this app
  • Free Calls to Any Phone, Anywhere in the world – Yuilop offers free credit (and you can earn credit by completing offers, inviting friends). This free credit can be consumed to call any of your friends (anywhere in world using just any phone). For India it is 2 credits per minute of call.
  • Buy Credit and make cheap calls – You can also buy credit if you like and use it to make calls.

More information about Yuilop

  • Yuilop App Review – Discussing all details of yuilop application and its features. How you can use it to call any phone for free.
  • Make Free Calls with Yuilop – A complete tutorial with images featuring how you can install this application and make free calls to any phone in the world. I tried it on my iPad and it worked great!
  • Earn Free Credit with Yuilop – This tutorial shows how you can earn free credit and this credit can be used to make free calls. You earn credit by Joining Yuilop, referring friends, receiving calls on your Yuilop number, watching sponsored video ads, chatting with yuilop friends, completing offers and participating in contest on social sites like Facebook. Just check the tutorial, it covers everything.
  • Download Yuilop Apk File – Yuilop has been rebranded now. If for any reason you require to download Yuilop application for your android mobile then you can find the apk file download link here.

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