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With the help of voip technology and everyone using internet on mobile and computer, it is lot easier to make international calls now. If you and your friend (whom you want to call), both are using internet on mobile and smartphone with a voip calling app – then you two can talk to each other for free and as long as you like.

However there are still a large number of people who do not own a smartphone, there are still a good number of people who do not use fast speed internet (wifi or 3G) on mobile. And well there could be plenty more reason why you (or your friend) are not able to use voip apps like Viber to make free calls from mobile. So are you the one who spends a lot of money on international calls ?

But the story doesn’t end here. Do you know that you can still use many voip services which allow you to make free calls from your computer or mobile phone – to any phone in the world. Yes, you can actually call those landlines or non smartphone users for free.

In this article we will discuss about a way with which you will be able to make free internet calls straight from your computer. We will be reviewing (treat this as tutorial) service.

What is Call2Friends

First a few words about this voip service before we actually jump onto the tutorial. Its a voip service which started off with offering free or low cost international calls to India, China, USA & other countries.

  • It offers Limited Number of Free Internet Calls to anywhere per day
  • No registration Required to make these free calls
  • Call Duration is limited like 1 minute to India, 3 Minutes to USA etc
  • To make more calls using this same service, you can register and buy credit. It also offers cheap international calls to many countries.

How to Make Calls with Call2Friends

Tutorial on How to Make Free Pc to Mobile Calls Using Call2Friends

What does this tutorial offer: We will show how you can make free calls straight from your PC to anywhere in the world using Call2Friends PC dialer.

  • Call Duration and number of calls is limited: 1 Minute to India.
  • Out first AIM is to make free calls and then we will see if we can find any hack which will allow you to make as many number of calls as you want. But lets lets make our first free call.
  • You can use this method everyday (free calls limit refreshes everyday)

Call Duration to Popular Countries

Country Name Free Call Duration (Seconds)
India 60
Pakistan 40
USA 180
China 60
Mexico 60

Step 1 – Visit Website and Setup everything

Visit Call2Friends.Com, first thing you will notice is a mobile dialer on your screen. Start entering your phone number.

  • Use browser like Firefox or Chrome and avoid using Internet Explorer
  • You will see a white box “Adobe Flash Player Settings”. It will asks you to allow microphone and camera access of your computer. Select Allow.

Call2Friends Website

Call2Friends Tutorial

Step2 – Make the Call

So if you have followed the settings and entered the phone number (in international format like country code – mobile number etc). Click the green button and start the phone call.

  • Make sure your laptop or computer microphone is working fine
  • Make sure your speakers are okay
  • Call will get disconnected after sometime (Free duration). Talk till it automatically gets disconnected

Call2Friends Free Call Trick

Out of free calls in call2friends

Call2Friends Hack – Unlimited Calls

Turns out that following a few steps and using some workarounds, you can actually place unlimited number of phone calls but of limited duration. Just follow this tutorial to use the Call2Friends hack.

Facing Any Issues or Not able to make call ?

Please guys, this is where I need your help. It is very difficult to know what kind of problems you may face. I have tried and it worked fine for me (that does not mean it will work great for you). Please share your experience in the comment section (positive or negative) and we will definitely help you out. Just one more thing – Call2Friends is not the only app offering free call services, check out this article to look for some great (and working) Call2Friends alternatives.

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