Call2Friends Hack – Workaround for unlimited calls

Call2Friends is a very popular website. It’s popular mainly because it allows you to make free calls straight from your computer to any mobile or landline phone in the world. However the only catch is that the calls are not unlimited and are of limited duration as well. The call duration varies according to the country you want to call, moreover you get just one call per day.

Call2Friends allows you to register with them and make a few more free calls, however again these are still limited. In short, if you don’t register and just want to make a phone call you will get just one call. Please note that you can also use Call2Friends from your Android Mobile using its SIP settings.

Now we have found a workaround by which you can make unlimited number of calls using Call2Friends. Please note of following:

  • It will work only for calling from your computer. This will not work if you are using Call2Friends on your android mobile
  • You will get unlimited number of calls however the call duration is still limited (as we mentioned earlier the duration varies according to country you are calling).
  • For India – it is 1 minute per call. So with this hack, you get unlimited calls each of one minute duration
  • We do not guarantee that this method will work for you. It’s currently working for me, so you also better try it out.
  • It is just a loophole (some people call this as a hack) in the Call2Friends system (soon they will figure out something). So better you use it before then.

So how to make unlimited calls then. What’s the hack ?

  • First go to Call2Friends and make your first free call
  • Now that you have used up for call, if you try calling again you will see a message (something like shown in image below)

call2friends credit over

Here’s the HACK !

  • Call2Friends relies on cookies and your IP address to track if you have already made call.
  • So go to your browser setting and delete all the cookies of this site.
  • For firefox, click “Alt+s“. Click “Clear Recent History” as shown in image
  • Select everything and click clear

Clear browser history for call2friends hack

Delete cookies for call2friends hack

  • Time to disconnect from internet. Switch off your router and switch it again
  • You will most probably be assigned a new IP address
  • Connect again
  • Open the Call2Friends site again and make the call

Most probably you will be able follow this hack and make unlimited number of calls using Call2Friends. If for some reason you are not able to do so, then just let us know in the comment section and we will be ready to help you out.


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