Can you make Facetime to Skype Video Calls – iPhone to Android

Recently I received an email by a friend asking me about this. Specifically she said “I am using an iPhone and for video calls I rely upon Facetime app. The apps is go great in terms of quality. However most of my friends (and particularly my boy friend) is using an Android mobile phone. He is currently using Skype on his mobile. I would like to know how can I call from my Facetime to his Skype. Is it possible, is it free?”

So what she is basically interested in is to make video calls from her iPhone to his friend who’s using Andorid mobile phone. I am sure many of you are having the same confusion. So lets me just clear all your doubts.

Is Facetime to Skype Possible ?

The answer is NO.

Facetime video calls only works when you are calling from Facetime to Facetime. That is other person should also be using Facetime to receive calls. Facetime works only on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Since your friend is using Android mobile, he can’t use Facetime in it.

Again as of now, Facetime to Skype Video Calls are NOT possible.

So, how to make iPhone to Android Video Calls ?

Now that’s a very relevant question. Since your friend is already using Skype in his Android mobile, it would be good if you can install Skype on your iPhone.

  • Skype is available for iPhone
  • Skype App is FREE to download
  • Skype to Skype Video Calls are free
  • You can use Skype in your iPhone and your friend can use Skype on his Android Mobile. This way both are using Skype and your calls will be free.

How to call

  • Ask your friend about his Skype ID
  • Install Skype in your phone ot tablet
  • Add a friend in Skype (using Skype ID)
  • Click video call button

Other Alternatives for Video Calls

Skype and Facetime are not the only video calling apps. There are plenty of apps available which offer free video calls (some are even in terms of video call quality and ease of use). I recommend that you read this article which lists all the apps available for video calls on your device.

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