Make Free Call to Mobile from Facebook Messenger

facebook free calling app offers worldwide calls

If you talk about social networking then what comes to our mind is Facebook. Just like search is Google for us, socializing is Facebook for us. We all spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and family. Many of us are using Facebook on our mobile phones. We use it to post pictures, status on Facebook and chat with our friends who are online (they may also be using it on their mobile or computer). However do you know that you can actually use Facebook to make free phone calls to … [Read more...]

Telegram Messenger App – Download Telegram for messaging

Telegram Messenger App

The latest and most promising app in the field of mobile messaging is Telegram ( It is a messaging app with main focus on speed and security. It’s superfast, simple and free. In short it is a simple SMS app (similar to Whatsapp) but with more power. You can send messages, photos, videos and documents to people who are in your phone contacts (and have Telegram). You can also create groups for up to 200 people. To my surprise, Telegram app has already been downloaded more … [Read more...]

Apple Facetime Review – Make Video Calls from iOS & Mac

Apple Facetime

For all the Apple devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac PC), the company offers a native video calling client named "Facetime". When you a buy a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook this application comes pre-installed in your device (you just have to look for it). Offcourse if its not pre installed, you can simply get it from Apple Store for free. Now there are so many other video calling clients available for iOS devices (like Skype), so "what is it - this Apple Facetime and how is it different from … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts Review – Make Free Group Video Calls

Hangouts for Android, iPhone and Computer

One thing that every internet user is aware of is Google. Whether it is search, email account, Google Plus (social networking) or android, everything by Google is so damn popular. When it comes to voip technology (voice and video calling), then Google is no way behind. Google's very old Gmail chat is probably the most used chat client. Its advanced version Gtalk (the application for chat on PC and mobile phones) is used by almost all. Infact if you are using an Android mobile, then Gtalk may … [Read more...]

UppTalk – Great TextNow Alternative offers Free Calling

UppTalk Voip Application

It is the era of smartPhones where everyone is connected to internet all the time. Connecting and communicating with your loved ones is now so very easy. If you are using android or iPhone or any other smartphone, then there are many voip applications available for your phone which allow you to connect with your friends for free. You can find list of these free calling applications for your mobile on this page. However most of these application require that the person you are calling is also … [Read more...]

Viber Review : Download Viber for Free Calls, Free SMS, Free Video Calls

viber free calls and sms

Viber is number one social communication application available for all types of devices be it computer or smartphones. Viber is a cross platform instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application for smartphones developed by Viber Media. In addition to text messaging, users can exchange images, video and audio media messages. Viber was initially released for iPhone in 2010, posing a major competition to Skype. Soon it was launched for Android mobiles as well. The app was liked heavily … [Read more...]

Skype Reviews : Look at all Skype Features

skype voip service

One of the oldest and most widely used VoIP service is Skype. It is probably the most popular VoIP service which offers all the three ways to connect with your loved ones - text messaging, voice calling and video calling as well. It probably does not require any review, however just for the sake of completeness (and for the ones who are unaware) we will review Skype voip service. For your information, Skype is now part of Microsoft only (so you can expect some major up gradation and interesting … [Read more...]

Tango Review – Free Video Calls from Mobile Phone

tango video calls

Social networking and connecting with friends and family is becoming the most important thing in our life. In our busy life we all try to find time and chit chat with our friends and family, no matter how far they live. Connecting with your loved one is so highly important. Just a few years back the only means of communication was to send letters. Soon after people started to talk to each other however the international call costed too high. Even today international calling using your telecom … [Read more...]

Yuilop Free Calls Anywhere to Any Phone

yuilop review

We already have a huge list of mobile voip applications all having some distinguishing features but all with one mission to allow people remain connected with friends and family. With this aim, Yuilop was founded in 2011 and is available in over 100 countries including Germany, Italy, Mexico and the US with more than 5 million active users. This number is growing pretty fast. Yuilop is a global communications app that lets you call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile and chat, … [Read more...]

EvaPhone Review – Free and Cheap Phone Calls

EvaPhone Advantages

Not so popular but quite an old voip service is EvaPhone. Just a few years back when very less people were using internet on mobile, everyone used to make international calls using normal telecom service. This costed them very heavily. It was the time when voip providers grew up and started offering PC to Phone Calls. Skype, Rebtel, Localphone etc started offering cheap international calls using their PC software (which allows Pc to Phone Calls). EvaPhone came into picture and started … [Read more...]