Telegram Messenger for Blackberry Mobile Phones

telegram messenger secret chat - group chat as well

There was a time when Blackberry mobiles used to be the most popular smartphone. Top corporates used to carry Blackberry devices with them and cool. Soon after the word spread and lot of people started using these phones. One of the main reason of popularity of Blackberry mobiles was its native messenger app (famously known as blackberry messenger). If you are having a blackberry mobile, then I need not to tell you about importance of instant messaging. However thing have changed. Blackberry … [Read more...]

Telegram Messenger Smileys or Emoticons List

telegram emoticons list

One of the very popular mobile messenger which is full of features is Telegram messenger application. This app is an open source and they offer API's as well for developers. Telegram is officially available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android, unofficially available for Blackberry and Nokia Phone. For other mobile platforms and computer, developers have come up with unofficial apps which also work very well. Telegram even works on your computer and your messages are synced between mobile and … [Read more...]

How to do Telegram Secret Chat – Explained with Pictures

telegram messenger secret chat - group chat as well

Telegram is the latest entry in the mobile messaging applications. It is already making quite a buzz with so many people installing and trying out this new application. Telegram is almost same as Whatsapp in terms of look and feel, however it has much more features. As Telegram is an open source app (developers offer API's as well), which makes it possible to be available for almost all mobile platforms like Android, iPhone (official apps) and Windows/Linux (Unofficial apps). One of the main … [Read more...]

Telegram Vs Whatsapp Messenger App Comparison

Whatsapp Vs Telegram messenger app

Whatsapp has more than 400 millions users and trust me that's quite a huge number. Infact studies have shown that lot of people have started spending more time on Whatsapp than Facebook. This has made Facebook to really think about this situation and guess what happened - Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion (that's more that GDP of so many countries). However that said still lot of people are also not satisfied with what the Whatsapp application offers (mainly limited number of people in … [Read more...]

TeleGram for Windows Mobile Phones – Best Messenger App on Windows ?

telegram app for windows mobile phone

The next big thing in the mobile communication and application industry is projected to be Telegram. Its the perfect Whatsapp alternative offering more features and flexibility which you get with Whatsapp. Telegram lets you send messages, photos and videos to people who are in your phone contacts (and have Telegram). Telegram has been managing to get more than one millions users every day and the number is growing. It is no longer treated as come and go app as it is here to stay. Coming to … [Read more...]

Is Facetime Banned in UAE – Unblock Facetime in UAE ?

Is Facetime banned in UAE and Dubai

A lot of people have complained that Facetime app (or icon itself) is missing on their iPhone or iPad. A few people have complained that though Facetime app is present however they are not able to make any calls (or simply not able to register with the app). If you check out the Apple website looking for an answer on this, you will find out that Facetime does not work on iPhone/iPad purchased (or being used) in some of middle east countries. So we though to find out if Facetime is really … [Read more...]

Can you make Facetime to Skype Video Calls – iPhone to Android

facetime to skype video calls

Recently I received an email by a friend asking me about this. Specifically she said "I am using an iPhone and for video calls I rely upon Facetime app. The apps is go great in terms of quality. However most of my friends (and particularly my boy friend) is using an Android mobile phone. He is currently using Skype on his mobile. I would like to know how can I call from my Facetime to his Skype. Is it possible, is it free?" So what she is basically interested in is to make video calls from … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts for Windows 8 PC and Mobile Phone

Hangouts for Android, iPhone and Computer

Google Hangouts is one of the most widely used application for video calling. It is an application by Google itself and is used by large number of people on their PC and android mobile phones. Now it is quite obvious that Google Hangout is available for android mobiles because this mobile operating is also by Google. However the good thing is that this video calling application is available for iPhone (and other iOS operating devices) as well. Now we all know that main competition of Google … [Read more...]

Google Hangout Emoticons List – Everthing you need to know

hangout smiley face

One of the best ways to express your feeling and emotions (while in a chat) is by using emoticons or smileys. These are quite unique in style, super cute and fun to use. These have been available for quite sometime (even the old version of Skype have this feature), however it was only because of Whatsapp that these got so much popularity. Whatsapp has a huge list of emoticons divided into several categories - based on types, special occasions, activities and other random things. With the … [Read more...]

Improve Google Hangouts Video Call Quality – Problems resolved

Google Hangout Video & Voice

Google Hangout is one of the most used and a very popular video calling client. It is available for iPhone, Android Mobiles and you can even use it in your computer as well. Well if you are reading this article then it is quite obvious that you have successfully installed the Google Hangout application on your device (whether it is your mobile phone or computer). However if you are new to Google Hangouts then please go through this review about this application. If you are using it on your … [Read more...]