EvaPhone Review – Free and Cheap Phone Calls

Not so popular but quite an old voip service is EvaPhone. Just a few years back when very less people were using internet on mobile, everyone used to make international calls using normal telecom service. This costed them very heavily. It was the time when voip providers grew up and started offering PC to Phone Calls.

Skype, Rebtel, Localphone etc started offering cheap international calls using their PC software (which allows Pc to Phone Calls). EvaPhone came into picture and started offering Free Pc to Phone Calls directly from their website. Because of its free calls, EvaPhone started growing pretty big and soon came into limelight. Offcourse it was not unlimited free calls (as the call duration and number of calls was limited per day per user).

That phase is quite over as everyone is now using internet on mobile and everyone is making calls from mobile itself. Turns out that EvaPhone has also evolved over time and it has launched its full fledged voip service. EvaPhone now offers almost all possible ways to make calls (like mobile application, PC application, Browser Calling, Callback methods and much more). Apart from offering free calls (trial calls), EvaPhone international calling rates are also pretty comparable to other services.

In this article we will look into details about EvaPhone and in the comment section, user can also provide their reviews.

EvaPhone Advantages

EvaPhone Free Calls

Just like old days, EvaPhone does offer some free calls. However it is not limited to free trials calls (first call is free).

  • You do NOT get free calls per day per user, like it was few years back
  • You can Try EvaPhone for Free with first call.
  • You get some free credit when you sign up with EvaPhone for first time

EvaPhone Call Rates (Pay as you Go Plan)

These are not the rates for callback method (see next section). These calling rates are for PC application, calling from web browser, calls from mobile apps, local access calling method.

EvaPhone Call Rates

There are no monthly fees, connection, or service charges.

How to Make Calls with EvaPhone

This section covers how you can use EvaPhone to make phone calls.

EvaPhone Direct Callback

  • Register and add your friends and family as Evaphone contacts
  • You’ll get an exclusive direct number for each contact. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your contacts fast
  • Save these numbers to your phone and call. After re-dialing you’ll be connected at our low rates
  • You use mobile or landline phone only

EvaPhone Online Callback

  • Register and give EvaPhone the number you are willing to call to on
  • Click the “Dial” button and get the call on your phone (yes your phone which you have registered)
  • Answer your phone and the call will be then connected to your friend abroad

Note: Please note that normal call charges do not apply in this case, as EvaPhone is calling both of you.
Calling rates for this : https://www.evaphone.com/callback-prices

EvaPhone SIP Calling

It offers you an unlocked VoIP service using SIP authentication. That is, using any compatible VoIP device gives you access to our cheap rates.

EvaPhone WebPhone (Calls from browser)

Make PC to Phone Calls straight from your browser without downloading anything.

  • Sign up and open our Webphone in your browser
  • Make sure your computer has a microphone
  • Call your friends worldwide

EvaPhone iPhone and iPad Apps

  • Register for a Evaphone account, download it from the App Store and install on your iPhone
  • Run up the iPhone app on your iPhone. Enter Routing Number: 12345, User ID, SIP password.
  • Call your contacts paying way less than you pay to your regular mobile provider.

EvaPhone Android Mobile and Tablet App

  • Register for a Evaphone account, download it from Google Play and install on your phone
  • Run up the Android app on your phone. Enter Brand pin: 12345, User ID, SIP password.

EvaPhone for Symbian Mobile

  • Register for an Evaphone account, download it and install on your phone
  • Run up the Symbian app on your phone. Enter Brand pin: 12345, User ID, SIP password.

EvaPhone for Blackberry Mobiles

Register for an Evaphone account, download for OS5 or for OS7 it and install on your phone

EvaPhone PC application

  • Download evaphone PC app.
  • Please make sure that a microphone on your computer is setup properly
  • Enter Brand pin: 12345, User ID, SIP password and call your friend

EvaPhone – How to buy credit

Use Paypal, Skrill and major debit & credit cards to add credit.

  • You can credit your account with as little as $1.
  • Duration is rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • There are neither connection fees, nor penalties applied to your credit.
  • Credit lasts for 12 months – To keep your account active, you simply have to call at least once every 12 months, otherwise your unused credit may be lost.


According to me, EvaPhone is cheap when compared to other voip services like Skype. The good thing is you can add credit as low as $1 and it offers almost all the ways to make calls. So it does seem to be a good choice. What I can suggest is to first try them out with first free call (duration will be 3 minutes) and if you like their service then buy credit worth $1.

I am not sure of customer service of EvaPhone and I have not had a great experience with them (it was just average), so I suggest you to always buy credit of $1-$5 and not more. Only buy more credit when you are sure that you will easily consume it in no time. In short, there is no point keeping credit in EvaPhone account if you are not using them.

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