Google Hangouts for Windows 8 PC and Mobile Phone

Google Hangouts is one of the most widely used application for video calling. It is an application by Google itself and is used by large number of people on their PC and android mobile phones. Now it is quite obvious that Google Hangout is available for android mobiles because this mobile operating is also by Google. However the good thing is that this video calling application is available for iPhone (and other iOS operating devices) as well.

Now we all know that main competition of Google is by Microsoft. Just like android mobile operating system is by Google, Microsoft has windows mobile operating system. Moreover Microsoft has acquired Nokia which means it is a direct threat to Google (which acquired Motorola sometime back). So in short – Microsoft and Google are rival companies.

So, the big question which is being asked by so many people all around the world – “Is Google Hangout available for Windows Computer & Mobile Phones like Nokia Lumia”.

Google Hangout for Windows 7 Computer

  • Yes it is available for Windows 7 computer – I am currently using it
  • Download Chrome browser and there is an Google Hangout extension for Chrome browser.
  • Read this review about Google Hangout and it will give you features and installation procedure as well.

Google Chrome for Windows 7 PC

Google Chrome for Windows 7 PC Step 2

Google Hangout for Windows 7 / 7.5 Mobile Phone

Google Hangout for Windows 8 Computer

Explanation by Google itself on Video Calling using Google Hangouts on Windows 8 Computer.

  • It WORKS
  • The Windows 8-style UI doesn’t allow web browsers to use plugins. This means that features like, Google+ Hangouts, Call Phone in Gmail, and computer-to computer voice and video chat, that use the Hangouts plugin, won’t work in the Windows 8-Style UI.
  • However, you can still use Hangouts, Call Phone, and Voice and Video chat by switching from the Windows 8-style UI to Desktop mode.

Here’s the information from Google itself.. check the part highlighted in red!


  • If you do not have Chrome app installed on your laptop then download and install Chrome first.
  • Here is the Chrome download link
  • Open Chrome browser
  • Click the Chrome menu (you will find this at top right in the Chrome browser). Please see the image below (RED Box) – the first step
  • Select Relaunch Chrome on the desktop or Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode
  • Now download the Chrome extension for Google Hangout. Simply follow the procedure explained above for Windows 7 computer (first section of this article).

Using Google Chrome in Desktop Mode

Google Hangouts for Windows 8 Mobile Phones

  • Google Hangout App is not available for these mobile phones.
  • Does NOT work on Nokia Lumia range

Google Hangout Alternatives for Windows Mobile

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