Nimbuzz Voucher Codes – Nimbuzz Promotions and Offers

Nimbuzz is one of the top growing voip providers. They have an app for almost all types of devices be it Android, iPhone, Windows or your computer. It offers free calls to other Nimbuzz users and that’s not all – you can even make cheap international calls to just any mobile or landline (to people who are not using Nimbuzz client). This cheap international calling service is under the brand name of “NimbuzzOut“. Well, you can use NimbuzzOut from any part of the world as long as you have access to this application. However they have special plans for Indian users. Do you know that you can use their service from India as well and make very cheap international calls from India (to countries like USA, UAE etc). Nimbuzz has collaborated with Spectranet to offer this voip service to Indian users.

So if you have decided that you are going to use Nimbuzz for international calls, then you will need to buy credit. Now the thing is – you can make use of Nimbuzz promotions and offers and get some discount while buying credit. Some of these promotions are kind of discounted offer (where you get to use a voucher code and you get some discount when purchasing credit). In other promotions you may get free credit as well.

This article is compilation of all Nimbuzz promotions and coupon code with details.

Nimbuzz Holi Offer 2014 – Coupon Code


  • Buy NimbuzzOut credits between 14th to 17th March 2014 and get 20% extra
  • Use promo code HOLI20
  • Suppose you buy credit worth $10 then you get 20% extra – additional $2. That is total of $12
  • If you buy $20, you get $24 and so on !
  • No connection charges or no hidden costs apply.

Where to purchase credit

Buying credit from Nimbuzz is very easy and pretty straight forward. You can purchase credits from the app itself (if you want to buy from mobile) or you can log in to your account on computer ( and purchase credit from there. You will then get an option to enter the voucher code.


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