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One of the very popular voip services which is known for cheap calling rates is SmartVoip. Just like Jumblo and ActionVoip, SmartVoip is also under betamax group (also known as Delmont Sarl). SmartVoip also offers free calls under its superdeal plans and cheap international calls to other countries.

Many NRI’s living in USA and Middle East are using this voip provider for calling back home in India. The good part about all betamax services is that these works on all types of mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian), tablets and even computer. If you don’t have a smartphone or computer, you can still use it from your normal mobile phone by using local access number (just like a calling card).

In this article I will review SmartVoip service and check out its every details to see if this should be selected as your permanent international call provider.

Why so many betamax companies ?

Many people have asked me the same thing again and again. If you check out the betamax list, then you will find out that more than 30 different voip services are registered under same brand. So why not just one company and manage it properly.

That’s actually a good stunt, you launch a company and make it famous. You offer highly discounted rates and someday when you have enough customer’s than you increase the calling rates. You launch another company and same tactics again. I am definitely not in favor of such tactics but that’s how betamax works.

Anyways what’s different in these companies

  • May offer free calls to some different companies. At one time, I remember one of such betamax started offering free calls to India and Pakistan. It gained huge customer base
  • Different calling rates. BetamaxA may offer 1 cent per min to India, whereas betamaxB may be offering 2 cents per min

SmartVoip FreeDays and Country List

Please note that you can atleast try SmartVoip for free before you jump onto buying credit with. However once you buy credit (even the lowest credit), you will be entitled to freedays. What is this freedays and how does it help to make free calls. Lets find out!

There are several destinations which you can call for free. These destinations are marked as free in its calling rate list.

  • After a certain amount of calls in the freedays period, SmartVoip may start charging the default rate. So make limited duration calls and do not abuse this
  • FreeDays – Valid based on the credit in your account. So if you account has balance you are entitled to FreeDays (offcourse limited number of calls as mentioned above).
  • In order to get more Freedays, you have to top up your account by buying credit.
  • Once FreeDays are over, normal calling charges apply.

When you buy credit you will get 90 Free days (unless stated otherwise depending on the amount of credit). This means you can call countries from the ‘free destinations list’ for 90 days at no cost!

Free Country List :

  • Austria (Landline)
  • Canada (Landline)
  • Canada (Mobile)
  • China (Landline)
  • China (Mobile)
  • France (Landline)
  • Germany (Landline)
  • Hong Kong (Landline)
  • Hong Kong (Mobile)
  • Portugal (Landline)
  • Russian Federation [moscow] (Landline)
  • Russian Federation [st Petersburg] (Landline)
  • Singapore (Landline)
  • Spain (Landline)
  • Taiwan (Landline)
  • Thailand (Landline)
  • Thailand (Mobile)
  • United Kingdom (Landline)
  • United States (Landline)
  • United States (Mobile)

SmartVoip Calling Rates

There was a time when it used to offer pretty cheap calling rates, however current rates cannot be called cheap. Please note that free calls are limited to some countries and for rest you will have to shell out money. Calling rate to India is 1.8 US cents per minute, which ain’t cheap !

SmartVoip Software for PC

Download Link (SmartVoip From Mirror Link) :

Using SmartVoip on Mobile Phone

As we mentioned earlier all betamax works on all types of mobile phone. This is because they rely on same peice of app for all services. You just have download the app and fill in your SmartVoip login details in order for app to work. App is available for – android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian etc.

  • SmartVoip for iPhone/iPod/iPad – Download ActionVoip on iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • SmartVoip for Android Mobiles – Download ActionVoip on Android
  • SmartVoip for Nokia Symbian – ActionVoip for Symbian Phones
  • SmartVoip for WindowsMobile – ActionVoip for Windows Phone
  • SmartVoip for Windows 8 Mobile – ActionVoip for Windows 8
  • SmartVoip for Blackberry Mobile – ActionVoip for Blackberry Mobiles
  • Use on any mobile phone using Local Access Number : Use a cheap local access number instead of the expensive international number you‘re trying to reach.

SmartVoip Phone to Phone Calling

There are times when you don’t want to install any software to your PC or mobile. You may be at a cafe and still want to make calls from your computer without installing something. SmartVoip offers an in-browser solution for calling.


Jumblo SIP Calling

  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your SmartVoip username
  • Password : your SmartVoip password
  • Display name/number : your SmartVoip username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) :

SmartVoip How to Recharge – Payment Methods

SmartVoip accepts various popular payment methods. I have captured all types of payment methods in the following image. It accepts all cards and paypal as well.

SmartVoip Payment Methods

SmartVoip Customer Care

Just like any other betamax voip service, do not expect any customer service from smartvoip. However just like any other voip service, do expect issues with this voip provider. There will be rate fluctuations, there will be call quality issues and there will be payment issues. To resolve all your problems, you need a good customer support center. We at VoipNina will help you out!

  • VoipNina can help you – It is a community of people who use Voip for all their calling needs. Many of them use SmartVoip, so if you are facing any issue then please share with others in the comment section and someone can help you out.
  • Sometimes its better to know that other people are also facing the same issue and you are not alone!


Review of SmartVoip Voip Service
A very popular voip service by betamax or Delmont Sarl company. SmartVoip offers free calls to some countries under its superdeal and cheap international calls to many others. However it does face issues regarding the call quality, tendency to vary calling rates and no customer support. If you plan to use them, make sure that you buy minimum credit worth $10 and never purchase high credit at one go.
3.5 / 5 stars


  1. lisa says

    SmartVoip was not able to make my SPA2102 VIOP work… finally cancelled service with a remaining balance that they would not refund…
    I would not recommend if you have your own device… Support was usless

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