Is Facetime Banned in UAE – Unblock Facetime in UAE ?

Is Facetime banned in UAE and Dubai

A lot of people have complained that Facetime app (or icon itself) is missing on their iPhone or iPad. A few people have complained that though Facetime app is present however they are not able to make any calls (or simply not able to register with the app). If you check out the Apple website looking for an answer on this, you will find out that Facetime does not work on iPhone/iPad purchased (or being used) in some of middle east countries. So we though to find out if Facetime is really … [Read more...]

Facetime Missing on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch ?

missing facetime from phone

If you check out forums related to iPhone or video calling, then you will see that a lot of people are complaining that Facetime is no longer present on their device. In short the Facetime icon seems to be missing from their device which means they cannot open the app and make video calls. The missing Facetime app problem is not specific to any particular device. This issue has been seen on iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad or even iPod Touch. Some people who have recently upgraded to the new OS (iOS7) … [Read more...]

Can you make Facetime to Skype Video Calls – iPhone to Android

facetime to skype video calls

Recently I received an email by a friend asking me about this. Specifically she said "I am using an iPhone and for video calls I rely upon Facetime app. The apps is go great in terms of quality. However most of my friends (and particularly my boy friend) is using an Android mobile phone. He is currently using Skype on his mobile. I would like to know how can I call from my Facetime to his Skype. Is it possible, is it free?" So what she is basically interested in is to make video calls from … [Read more...]

Apple Facetime Review – Make Video Calls from iOS & Mac

Apple Facetime

For all the Apple devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac PC), the company offers a native video calling client named "Facetime". When you a buy a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook this application comes pre-installed in your device (you just have to look for it). Offcourse if its not pre installed, you can simply get it from Apple Store for free. Now there are so many other video calling clients available for iOS devices (like Skype), so "what is it - this Apple Facetime and how is it different from … [Read more...]