How to make free calls with Betamax Voip Services

Call For Free Now using Betamax

It was just a few years back when people used to spend heavily for connecting with friends and family. Planning for cheap mobile services was always on top of list, when traveling abroad or moving to another country. Calling India from USA costed more than 10 cents per minute. Thanks to internet on mobile and voip services that we can now connect to our friends for free (or at very cheap rates). Now almost everyone is using smartphones and high speed internet on mobiles. If you and the person … [Read more...]

SmartVoip Review – Save on your Phone Bills

SmartVoip Calling Service

One of the very popular voip services which is known for cheap calling rates is SmartVoip. Just like Jumblo and ActionVoip, SmartVoip is also under betamax group (also known as Delmont Sarl). SmartVoip also offers free calls under its superdeal plans and cheap international calls to other countries. Many NRI's living in USA and Middle East are using this voip provider for calling back home in India. The good part about all betamax services is that these works on all types of mobile phone … [Read more...]

Jumblo Voip Review – Free and Cheap International Calls

Jumblo Voip Review

One of the very popular betamax voip services is Jumblo. Not only it offers very attractive calling plans like Free Calls (under its superdeals) and Cheap international calls, but it is quite easy to use and works on almost all types of devices. It is very popular and highly used in some of the middle east countries (like qatar and kuwait) where other voip services don't work. You can use Jumblo on your computer, your mobile phone (android, iphone, nokia or windows) and even on your tablets. … [Read more...]

ActionVoip Review – Cheap International Rates with SIP Calling

ActionVoip Review by VoipNina

ActionVoip is a betamax voip provider, used by large number of people all over the world. Just like other betamax services (its parent company), ActionVoip also offers highly cheap international calling rates making the service very lucrative. Not only it offers cheap call rates, it also offers so many ways to make calls. You can download and use ActionVoip software on your computer, your mobile phone (be it android, iPhone, Windows or any other type of mobile phone), your voip hardware using … [Read more...]