Overview of UppTalk Android Application – Make Free Calls

UppTalk Android App

Android is now one of the most used mobile platform. Almost all of my friends are using android mobile phones with a few exceptions of the ones using iPhone or Nokia Lumia. Now the main purpose of mobile is to help us remain connected with our friends and family. You should be able to talk to them (voice or video) whenever you feel like. Now talking to your loved ones living in some other country can prove to be very expensive. If you rely on your telecom operator for your international … [Read more...]

Yuilop Recharge – How to buy credit in UppTalk

Yuilop UppTalk Recharge account

Upptalk aka Yuilop has gained lot of popularity in the mobile voip industry. More than 5.5 million people have downloaded the Yuilop application. If you are new to Yuilop or UppTalk, I would suggest you to read this article. The app is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile phone. The app was launched about two years back in the name of Yuilop, that time it offered a way to earn credit and use this credit to make calls. Quite recently its 2.0 version has been renamed to … [Read more...]

Yuilop (UppTalk) for PC – Download UppTalk on Computer

upptalk for pc

UppTalk (aka Yuilop) is a very famous multi platform mobile voip application. Yuilop came into picture just a few years back and has already created a buzz in mobile voip industry. With the recent re branding of Yuilop 2.0 to UppTalk, the app has come up with more features. UppTalk is being liked by huge number of people all over the world. It already has more than 5.5 million users all over the world. What distinguishes it from traditional and most popular applications like Skype and Viber, … [Read more...]

Yuilop (UppTalk) Support – All Questions get Answered

Yuilop UppTalk Support

UppTalk is a multi platform mobile instant messaging and communication app. This app is available for almost all types of mobile operating system, be it Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Mobile OS. UppTalk is already creating a buzz mobile voip business. It is similar to Viber and Skype but quite different in it own ways. The spanish startup got popular with the name of Yuilop with over 5.5 million downloads. The 2.0 version of app has now been re-branded to "UppTalk" expecting more users … [Read more...]

Yuilop Apk – Download UppTalk Apk for Free

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Upptalk (aka Yuilop) is now making waves in the voip industry. This new voip application is being liked by huge number of people all over the world. Yuilop was launched sometime back for all the mobile platforms - be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or the windows mobile. Its multi platform instant messaging and communication app (similar to Viber/Skype) but different in its own ways. The app came to fame when it started offering free international calls to people who were not even using this … [Read more...]

Yuilop (UppTalk) Call Rates – Prices for International Calling

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Yuilop aka UppTalk is growing pretty big. It already has more than 5 million of customers (app downloads) and the number is growing everyday. UppTalk is famous mainly because of its features - free calls and text messages to other Yuilop users, free calls to US and Canada, UK and Germany, Earn credit and use this credit for international calling. These features distinguishes this from other voip applications. You can use this application from more than 200 countries. All you need is a smartphone … [Read more...]

UppTalk – How to Install and Make Free Calls

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The most popular voip applications available for all mobile platforms are mainly Skype and Viber. However that does not mean these are the only decent apps available, infact there are lot more interesting apps offering some great features. One such application is Yuilop. I reviewed this Yuilop application, mentioning that it is one of the most growing voip applications with more than 5.5 millions users. This customer base is increasing day by day and to attract more customers Yuilop has been … [Read more...]

How to earn free credit with Yuilop and make free calls

Yuilop App for Mobiles

Social communications application are getting really very popular these days. These mobile applications allow free calls to other users who are also using the same app on their mobile. However some applications are available which even allow call to other people who are not even using the same application. That is, you can call just any landline or mobile phone in the world. One such application is Yuilop (check out our review on this application), which is available for Android and iOS … [Read more...]

How to register and make calls with Yuilop

Yuilop App for Mobiles

Recently we reviewed Yuilop social communication application for mobile phones. The app is available for all platforms like Android and iPhone and already has more than 5.5 million users. Yuilop offers text, sms and free calls to other users (and all it requires is internet on mobile). The distinguishing feature of Yuilop is that it offers free calls to just any mobile, anywhere in the world. Basically it offers free credits (and you can earn this credit in various ways), which can be used to … [Read more...]

Yuilop Free Calls Anywhere to Any Phone

yuilop review

We already have a huge list of mobile voip applications all having some distinguishing features but all with one mission to allow people remain connected with friends and family. With this aim, Yuilop was founded in 2011 and is available in over 100 countries including Germany, Italy, Mexico and the US with more than 5 million active users. This number is growing pretty fast. Yuilop is a global communications app that lets you call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile and chat, … [Read more...]