TextNow App Review – Free Texting and Calling

It is the decade of mobile phones or rather we should better say “Smartphones”, the ones having internet on mobile. The good part is almost everyone now has this smartphone – be it Android, iPhone or Windows Based. With the internet facility on mobile, not only you can use this to surf websites and read news, but you can actually use this internet to communicate with your friends.

You can use mobile voip (internet facility on mobile) to send text, pictures and video messages; voice and video calling. So do you have to pay any price for that, NO. Since you are already paying for the data on your mobile (either 3G/4G/Wifi), rest all things come for free. Mobile Voip has got immensely popular these days, thanks to the applications like Whatsapp and Viber.

But it turns out these are not the only available mobile voip apps, there are plenty of other applications which are indeed pretty good. In this article I will review the mobile application named “TextNow”. I will try to analyze this application looking at its feature set and what is its unique feature that I should start using this (keeping in mind that I am already using Whatsapp and Viber).

What is TextNow

TextNow is a free texting and calling application for your computer and mobile devices, with calling feature currently available only on iOS and Android. This sounds pretty much like other communication apps. So what’s unique ?

TextNow Features - Whats unique

How is TextNow different from Whatsapp and Viber ?

Just like Whatsapp and Viber, TextNow does not require any registration or username, which is indeed good!

  • TextNow not only allows you to send free text messages and voice calls to other TextNow users, BUT you can send and receive unlimited text messages within USA and Canada, completely free of charge.
  • Yes you heard it right, this is quite unique to TextNow – It often happens that your friend is not using the same application as what you are and you are led to use normal telecom to sms your friend. This is where TextNow can help. This app allows you to send free text message to anyone (people who are not even using TextNow) within USA And Canada
  • Dedicated Phone Number : Every TextNow user receives their own phone number that can receive text messages and calls.

Is it really Free ?

There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free. The app comes with a few ads. If you don’t like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them. I kinda don’t like Ads (that’s the reason I prefer Whatsapp) and that’s the sad part about TextNow !

App Highlights

  • Your own dedicated phone number (USA)
  • Send & receive unlimited texts, for free!
  • Make and receive voice calls
  • Earn credits towards calling by completing partnered offers or purchase minute packs!
  • Free & unlimited voice calls with other TextNow users as well as for incoming calls!
  • Full picture messaging: send, receive and save pictures!
  • Voicemail and Call Forwarding
  • Emoticons 🙂
  • Signatures: append your own signature to each text
  • Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Assign individual contacts their own ringtone & background
  • Quick Reply to quickly and easily respond to friends
  • Home screen widget to quickly launch TextNow, compose a new message or make a call
  • Unified inbox: send and receive your native texts directly via TextNow – use TextNow as your one-stop texting app!
  • Real texting and calling: text and call ANY regular phone number
  • TextNow.com – text from your computer too! All messages seamlessly synchronize with your mobile device.

TextNow on Computer

You can use TextNow.com to text from the web (from their website itself). Your messages will seamlessly synchronize with your mobile phone if you are using it on both mobile and computer. Website Link -: http://www.textnow.com/

 TextNow on Mobile Phone

TextNow offers application for Android, iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Windows Mobile.

TextNow Wireless

  • TextNow Phones – Very cheap ‘contract free’ textnow powered mobile phones. They have monthly plans starting at $18.99 /month and you can use your existing TextNow number.
  • TextNow Mifi – MiFi is a small wireless device you can take with you that will provide Wi-Fi service to your iPod, tablet, and any other wireless device. Can be better than textnow phones as it can be used with your existing phone. Please note that monthly plans starts at $14.99 /month!

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