TextNow Wireless – Contract Free Phone with Cheap Plans

In US when you see those ads flashing very cheap rates for a super awesome mobile phone, it is certain that is a contract mobile with heavy monthly charges. Sometimes you can get a mobile for free, however you will then have to pay as high as $90 per month (for two years) and you cannot change your mobile carrier.

I am one of those who is just too afraid to go and get bound with some contract and a fixed carrier. Moreover it does not make sense to pay such heavy mobile charges for data and calls, considering wifi is available all the time  and we can use mobile apps to send text or make calls.

TextNow has cashed over this idea and turned themselves into world’s first mobile all first all-IP mobile operator. Essentially TextNow, a Canadian based company started off with launching mobile application for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. This textnow mobile app allows you to send Free Text and Make Free Calls using voip service (using internet on mobile – either wifi or 3G). The best part is unlike Viber and Whatsapp, it even allows you to send free text to people who are not using the same application.

TextNow also gives you new phone number to receive messages. The feature list is pretty long and we have already reviewed the TextNow app. So if you are new to this application, I would suggest that you first read our review on TextNow application.

Coming back to the TextNow Wireless (contract free phones) – TextNow has launched its own set of new contract free android mobile phone with monthly plans starting as low as $18.99.

  • It is android powered phone by TextNow application.
  • When you have wifi access and try to send messages, then it will routed through the TextNow application and will be totally free.
  • In the absence of Wifi, TextNow will use Sprint’s 3G and 4G network for an internet connection.

TextNow Powered Mobile Phone

TextNow Mobile Phones

Please note that all the features of TextNow app comes into this android mobile.

  • Use your existing TextNow number
  • Text history syncs with TextNow
  • Use credits linked with your TextNow account
  • Get the premium ad-free TextNow experience
  • Unlimited texting to/from USA and Canada
  • Unlimited airtime with other TextNow users
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Free visual voicemail
  • No contract!

Choices of Mobile Phones

1.Nexus S – No Contract, Price : $89.99 – The Nexus S is a 4G phone built with modern life in mind. Blazing fast 4G speeds mean you’ll never be kept waiting for a download, and the vivid Super AMOLED screen gives you a great viewing experience. This is the perfect phone for combining fun and business, with access to thousands of Google apps and fast speeds for watching videos and browsing the web. All this, at a fantastic price and no contract!

2. Samsung Galaxy S3 – No Contract, Price : $199.99 – The Galaxy SIII is a cutting edge phone for those who want the best of the best. With true 4G LTE network access, you’ll experience fast speeds and amazing call quality. The 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen is beautiful and clear, giving you all you need to browse the web, watch movies and videos, and use thousands of downloadable apps. Take full advantage of this beautiful screen by viewing and sharing the beautiful HD photos and videos that can be taken with the rear 8MP Auto Focus Camera. A world class phone on a tight budget!

3.Samsung Galaxy S2 – No Contract, Price : $199.99 – The Galaxy SII gives the best of both worlds: amazing quality at a reasonable price. Super fast 4G connection means that your downloads always go fast, and you’re never left waiting for a website to load. Enjoy the bright and crisp screen, and use it to capture the world around you with an 8MP camera that also films 1080p HD video. Experience all this at a great price and with no contract attached!

The prices are way too low, considering there is no contact !

Monthly Plans with TextNow (Cancel Anytime)

  1. $18.99 – 500 MB of data, 700 Roll Over Minutes, Unlimited Texting

  2. $26.99 – 1GB of data, 1250 Roll Over Minutes, Unlimited Texting

  3. $39.99 – 2GB of data, 2000 roll over minutes, Unlimited Texting

Anything else I should know -:

  • Coverage is within the United States. Check this for full coverage report – http://coverage.sprint.com/
  • Everything goes over the internet (for both texts and calls). It uses your WiFi connection when it is available. When there is no WiFi connection, it uses Sprint’s nationwide 3G and 4G network.
  • All plans have no contract and you may cancel your plan whenever you like without any penalty and additional charges.
  • Your TextNow powered mobile phone will work internationally when connected to a WiFi network. However, 3G and 4G data will not be available when you travel internationally.

Q. Can I use my own device with your plans?
If you already own a Sprint Android phone that is off contract, you can use it with our plans. We currently can’t activate phones from other phone companies because they aren’t compatible with our network. To activate your Sprint Android phone, email your phone’s serial number to orders@textnow.com (Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > MEID > Hex to find the serial number) and we can help you get it activated.

Q. I am at a place where I don’t have Wifi access and I have already run out of data plan but I have some pending roll over calling minutes in my account. Can I still be able to make calls ?

Q. Does this phone support emergency calling ?

Traveling to USA – Can I get TextNow Mobile

This is one question which has been asked to us by so many people. “I am traveling to United States of America and will be there for about 2 months, so can I buy TextNow phone and use it for two months“. Well, I am not sure how this works and have asked TextNow guys to respond to this query.

More specifically I need answers to :

  1. Can only US Citizen buy this phone. Considering that TextNow phone is contract free, can International students, business travelers, tourists buy this device ?

  2. Does this TextNow phone accept any other sim card or is it only IP based. Lets say I bring this phone to India and I remove the Sprint Sim card and want to use my own personal sim card here in India.

  3. Does not phone only works on internet or it can work on normal telecom network as well (if I use any other sim card).

  4. TextNow comes with monthly contract, however we have to choose one of monthly calling plans which we can cancel anytime. Does this anytime mean anytime – or it is a contract of one month, before which I cannot cancel it ?

TextNow Mifi – Don’t want to buy phone

The MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot gives you mobile internet for any of your devices, everywhere you go. Simply turn on the MiFi and connect any device you want to the mobile WiFi hotspot it generates. You can connect up to five devices at one time within a 30′ radius. Just like all of our other TextNow products, the MiFi device is available at a great price with no contract and easy plans!

Use your MiFi device to take a WiFi hotspot with you everywhere you go – connect up to 5 devices within 30 feet of your mobile hotspot. Read this article for full review.

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