TextNow Mifi allows using TextNow without Wifi

TextNow is a very popular free texting and calling application available for Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Windows Mobile. It works on internet and allows you to send free text to anyone (even those who are not using textnow) in USA and Canada. This app also offers free calls over internet.

That being said, there are plenty of mobile voip applications which allows free sms and calls over internet, so what’s the big deal. Most of the time you are connected to your wifi network and don’t feel any issue. It is only when you are out of your free wifi space and that’s when you pay heavily for your messages and calls.

What if we tell you that you can still send free text messages and calls even when you are out of your free wifi space. All of this sound’s interesting, isn’t it. That’s what TextNow Mifi is all about.

If you are completely new to TextNow mobile application, I recommend that you first read this article and get yourself familiarize with this app.

TextNow Without Wifi using Mifi

TextNow Mifi

TextNow Mifi is a pocket sized small device, powered by Sprint 3G and 4G. It is a Wifi provider anywhere on the go. Basically the device converts the sprint 3G/4G data to Wifi, which you can access on any platform supporting wifi.

TextNow Mifi allows its customers (the ones which are using TextNow app on mobile) to create wifi hotspot on demand. Customers can then use this wifi connection for free texting and calling from any location. You don’t consume the costly cell phone data and calling fees.

Best part is, it can be used on Mobile (Android/iPhone/Windows), iPad and Android Tablets, iPods and any computer. As long as you can access textnow application (or textnow from your browser) you can send free message and make calls.

TextNow Mifi Cost

Cost: $39.99

Here’s what listed on TextNow Mifi website

The MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot gives you mobile internet for any of your devices, everywhere you go. Simply turn on the MiFi and connect any device you want to the mobile WiFi hotspot it generates. You can connect up to five devices at one time within a 30′ radius. Just like all of our other TextNow products, the MiFi device is available at a great price with no contract and easy plans!

TextNow Mifi Specification

Dimension : 3.50″ x 2.32″ x 0.35″, 2.08oz

Network : CDMA Mode: 1xEV-DO Rev. A/0; 1xRTT, 800/1900 MHz, WiFi Mode: 802.11 b/g

Battery : Talk: 4 hours max, Standby: 40 hours

Range : Devices must be within 40 feet to connect

TextNow Mifi Demo

Is this FREE – Price and Plans

For a monthly price, all your calls and text can be free.

Plans –

  1. Tall ($18.99) – 500 MB data, 750 free roll over calling minutes

  2. Grande ($26.99) – 1GB data, 1250 free roll over calling minutes

  3. Venti ($39.99) – 2GB data, 2000 free roll over calling minutes


  • Use your existing TextNow number
  • Text history syncs with TextNow
  • Use credits linked with your TextNow account
  • Get the premium ad-free TextNow experience
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • No contract!
  • Coverage is within the United States
  • Calling and texting will use a little bit of data. Each mb will let you send thousands of text messages and each minute will need 0.3mb of data.

How is different from TextNow Phone

We have already reviewed TextNow Phone service in this article. It is also similar to what is offered by TextNow Mifi.

TextNow Mifi TextNow Phone
You don’t have to buy anything. The Mifi device is free, you just have to opt for monthly plans.

Update: Mifi device now costs $39.99

You will have to buy contract free phone – Samsung Galaxy S3, S2; Nexus S. You actually get a new mobile phone to use.
Useful when you don’t want a new mobile but want textnow without wifi to work with your current mobile or tablet or iPod Useful if you want a new mobile, as monthly plans are same as mifi
You will have to carry a device, though small in size Everything build in your mobile phone – TextNow comes preloaded. Just that phone choices is pretty less (only three).

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