UppTalk – Great TextNow Alternative offers Free Calling

It is the era of smartPhones where everyone is connected to internet all the time. Connecting and communicating with your loved ones is now so very easy. If you are using android or iPhone or any other smartphone, then there are many voip applications available for your phone which allow you to connect with your friends for free.

You can find list of these free calling applications for your mobile on this page. However most of these application require that the person you are calling is also using the same application. The apps which allow you to free calls to other mobiles (not using the same app) are very less is number. One such very famous application is TextNow. Another (not so popular but better) application is UppTalk.

Yuilop is now UppTalk

UppTalk is not a new app. Remember Yuilop, well they have renamed and branded themselves into UppTalk. The latest Yuilop app 2.0 has been upgraded to UppTalk and it offers much more features. The reason for rename is that this Spanish startup is expanding, it is being liked by huge number of people all over the world. The new name is expected to bring fresh set of people and attract more customers. In this article, I will review UppTalk application and look at all of its feature.

However please note that more or less features are pretty same as old Yuilop App. Please read this review on Yuilop app before you jump onto UppTalk.

Unlimited free texting & calling to US and Canada

UppTalk allows free calls and text messages to any US and Canada cell phone or landline. This feature is pretty same as TextNow. Unlike other apps, call & text anyone, even if they don’t have UppTalk.

Free Calls to UK & Germany Landline

Some people have reported that if you use this application in UK itself and call the UK landlines (without country code 0044), then it assumes the call to be a local call. This local call to UK landline (without using 0044) is free. This has worked for some people and failed for some people.

The same applies for German users as well.

I asked for clarification from UppTalk team. Here is the reply:

Madhur: Hey guys, do you offer free calls to UK landline as well. I have been told that people calling from UK itself can call UK landlines for free. How true is that?
UppTalk: Yes. When you get an UppTalk number you have unlimited calls to any UK landline and unlimited calls and SMS to the United States (these numbers are available in the U.S., UK, Germany and Spain).

Madhur: Great.. So that means. UppTalk offers: (1) Free Calls and Text to US & Canada mobile and landline (anyone can make this call even if they do not get UppTalk number). For example – people registering from India. (2) Free Calls to UK landline – for people who have received an UppTalk number.
Let me know if you offer free calls to other countries as well ?

UppTalk: The offer is only for users with UppTalk numbers. Right now the numbers are available in US, UK, Spain and Germany. If you are in any of those countries and you get your UppTalk number you have unlimited Calls & SMS to any phone in the US.
For US users: Free Calls and Text to US & Canada – mobile and landlines.
For UK users: unlimited calls to any UK landline.
For German users: unlimited calls to any german landline and unlimited SMS to any German number.

Free Calls and Text to other users

UppTalk (just like other apps) allow free call and text to millions of UppTalk users worldwide for free.

Get Social – Group Chat

UppTalk offers group chat and multimedia? Share pictures, videos, location, audio.

Receive Calls

Say no to missed calls. Receive calls on any device, even when you’re only on wifi.

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Cheap International Calls

UppTalk (unlike TextNow) offers cheap international calls to almost all the international destinations which include India as well. Offcourse you can call for free other UppTalk users, these cheap calls are for people who are not on UppTalk.

When you download and start using any app, you will find that some of the your friends are already using the same app (you can call them for free), you will be able to invite some of your friends (whom you will be able to call now free), rest will be adamant (and have their own reasons) and not use the same app. Now to call these people, you will need to shell out money and pay for international calls. An app like UppTalk will be really useful – where you can call many friends for free and call rest at cheap rates.

  • India (Mobile and Landline) – 2 Credit per min (2 cent per min)
  • United Kingdom – 1 cent per min
  • Mexico – 2 cent per min

Download and Install UppTalk

Earn Credit and Make Free Calls

In order to make international calls you will need credit. You can buy these credits with money, however you can also earn these credits. Effectively your calls will be free. You can earn these credits by watching videos or by cool promotions. We will soon write a tutorial on this (making calls with UppTalk and earn credit).

The procedure to earn credits with UppTalk remain same as that of Yuilop. Please read this tutorial on knowing more on how to earn credit with UppTalk/Yuilop.

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