Viber Data Usage – Viber Data Consumption per minute

Lets do this interesting analysis and find out how much data does Viber consume during a phone call. Also if you are quite fond of chatting and messaging on Viber application then much bandwidth (data usage) is consumed per message. So if you are already using a 3G cellular plan or planning to purchase one, then this analysis may help you decide which plan to choose.

We all know that Viber to Viber calls are free. However data is consumed during a phone call. So also we will take example of one 3G plan in India and try to find out how much does a phone call cost (since you are paying for data).

Viber Data Usage – Per Call

The bandwidth rate during a Viber call is approximately 240 KB per minute up and down, 14 MB per hour up and down.

  • You talk for 1 Minute – 240KB data is consumed
  • You talk for 1 hour on a call – 14MB data is consumed

Viber Data Usage – Per Message

  • Viber message is about 828 bytes per 500 English characters – approx 1KB per 500 characters
  • This is approx equal to 1KB per 5 short messages

Viber Data Consumption – App running in background

Viber app keep on running in background however data consumed is very minimal (you can simply neglect it).

Viber Out Call Rates

Please note that Viber to Viber calls are free. However if you call a normal phone you will have to pay some money. ViberOut is the service for you. In these calls not only you pay for data but you have to pay for call charges as well. Check out Viber Out Call Rates.

Viber Per Call Cost

I am doing this calculation based on 3G rates in India. You can do similar calculations based on your local currency and your local 3G plan.

Please note that if you are using broadband plans then this cost is negligible. So I am considering only 3G.

  • Airtel 3G Plan in Delhi, India – Approx 250 INR ( per 1GB / 1000 MB of data)
  • It is equal to 0.25 INR per MB
  • 1 MB cost 0.25 INR > 1000 KB cost 0.25 INR
Viber Call Duration Data Consumed Data Charges (Airtel 3G Plan)
1 Minute 240 KB 0.06 INR
1 Hour 14 MB 3.5 INR

Well above calculations simply show that how cheap these Viber calls cost even if you use expensive 3G plans (yes this Airtel 3G plans in India is much costlier when compared to other parts of the world).

In short, don’t worry about the data consumption during Viber Calls. It is significantly low.


  1. Basavaraj.N says

    Dear Madhur thanks a lot for giving beutiful easily understanding details on data consumption while using viber over 3G plan

  2. says

    For a Viber to Viber call I just made lasting 10:18 my phone service provider showed me using 5012Kb of data which is roughly double your estimation.

    There were some apps in the background such as Whatsapp but their usage during this period would have been minimal.

    Phone service provider is Meteor.

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  3. lozzar says

    what I noticed is that different sites use different rates for the call somewhere around 230-260kbps…so yeah just pointing that out

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