Viber Out What is it – A Cheap Calling service to any mobile or landline

Viber is one of the most widely used voip service. It is a cross platform application (available for desktop, tablets and all types of mobile phones) which offers free voice calls, free text messages, file and picture sharing with other viber users. On desktop, it even offers free hd video calls to other users.

Viber has a user base of more than 200 million – with people from all over the world using it everyday to connect with their loved ones. Viber is number one competition to Skype. If you are not using Viber then trust me you should use it (you will find that almost all your friends are using it and you can call them for free).

Viber offers:

  • Free Voice Calls to other Viber users: You can use viber on your device (mobile or computer) and ask your friend to use Viber on his phone/laptop. You two can talk to each other for free.
  • All it requires is high speed internet: It uses voip to make calls
  • Available for all mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows or Nokia mobiles
  • Check out full review of Viber and its features

Viber Out

What if you friend is not using Viber (and he lives in a different country and calling cost is also high). How do you connect with such a friend.

Skype offers SkypeOut service for such calls – that is, cheap international calls using Skype service. Viber on similar lines has launched ViberOut.

Viber Out lets Viber users from all over the world call EVERYONE (even if they are not Viber users). Call any of your friends at low rates using Viber on your phone or desktop!

How does it work ?

  • Launch Viber on your iPhone or Android phone
  • Get Viber Out credit
  • Dial any number
  • Start talking!

ViberOut Calling Rates

Now this is where it gets interesting. ViberOut is not the only service offering cheap international calls. Infact it is a new entry in this space. We already have giants like Skype and Rebtel which have huge customer base in this area.

First thing which people consider while zeroing upon any voip service is the calling rates. ViberOut calling rates are certainly not the best in the industry but again quite competitive when compared to others.

  • India Mobile – 2.5 cents per min
  • India Landline – 4.9 cents per min
  • Pakistan (Mobile and Landline) – 13.9 cents per min

Check out full rates:

Do you want to know how much data does a Viber call consume. Well we have done that analysis as well, check it out.

ViberOut Vs SkypeOut

The first thing which people will do is to compare SkypeOut vs ViberOut rates. Here is a rate comparison from Gsmarena

viberout vs skypeout

My analysis

  • Calling Rates: Viber
  • Call quality: Skype
  • Phone Number getting displayed: Viber
  • Anonymous number as caller id: Skype
  • Reliable: Skype
  • New and Fresh service (more to offer): Viber
  • All in one (free calls to many and cheap calls to rest): Viber

I would prefer ViberOut over SkypeOut because of simple reason: Most of my friends are using Viber and I call them for free. Calling rest of them will be very easy with cheap calls by Viber. It will be hassle free (and I don’t have to bother) – just make the call (some will be free and rest will be really very cheap).

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