Viber Ports on firewall – open these ports for a working viber on wifi

Viber is one the greatest application for our mobile phones. I use this application all the time on my mobile (and computer as well) for making free calls to my friends who are also using Viber. So if this app starts giving problem, then it is a real pain. Some people have emailed to us that their Viber app is not working on their wifi network. Well it is a very common problem and with a simple solution as well.

So if the below lines sound familiar to you (and you are facing similar issues with Viber), then this article will definitely help you out. Below are the common Viber port related problems (and symptoms):

  • I am connected to my university’s WIFI and I am able to surf via browser but when I try to make a VIBER call I get this prompt “An internet connection is required to place free Viber calls. Check your connection and try again
  • Viber is working if I use it on my cellular network but when using it over Wifi then it is giving problems.
  • I have the app installed on my phone but the Viber is not connecting to internet.
  • Viber is installed on my android mobile but get disconnected on the wifi network as soon I place calls
  • Can’t make calls with Viber on wifi
  • Seems my wifi network firewall is blocking viber communications in some way

The problem here is that you could be due behind a firewall, or being blocked by your cellular provider. So you would need to change some ports settings. Forwarding (opening) the below ports required by Viber will make everything work.

We have to allow the following ports to make it work via WiFi. You should enable those ports (incoing and outgoing) on your router and your firewall.:

  • TCP 5242
  • TCP 4244
  • UDP 5243
  • UDP 9785

How ?

  • First try to see if you are behind any firewall. Open windows firewall with advanced security to see if you are behind any firewall.
  • Opening and forwarding Ports on your router –
  • Follow the above steps to open the mentioned Viber required ports

Better to contact your system administrator if you are unsure about how ports forwarding works on your router.

If the above mentioned issues occur on 3G, the cellular network:

Some mobile operators across the world block Viber on their 3G network. Usually this happens when users have a “simple” data plan (or a prepaid contract), meaning they didn’t pay extra for using VoIP on their 3G network.

In order to verify this, we recommend to:

  • Test Viber on a few different WiFi networks, and see that it works fine.
  • Contact your cell company and confirm this with them.

You feel that problem is specific to your phone (and not network)

First you need to be fully sure of this.

  • Try to install Viber on your another phone (or you can install Viber on your computer).
  • Use the same wifi network and see if Viber works on this new device. If it works then problem is specific to your phone.
  • Try to uninstall the Viber app and reinstall the latest version of the app

It could also be possible that with most routers, ports can be blocked by ‘client’ (meaning – per device, per IP). This might be the case here, so you may want to look into it. So now try using the same device with another wifi network.

Open a ticket with Viber Support

If you have a very specific problem and want to connect with Viber support, then please file a ticket with them. Follow the below link:

Some common FAQ and answers by Viber

Q. Since I do not have access to my universities WiFi settings and cannot open the ports, I was wondering if there is a way for me to bypass the firewall blockage? (for example through connecting via VPN).

A. Contact your University’s IT Help Desk. They might consider opening the ports or tell you if you can VPN out. If your network administrators refuse to enable these ports, then unfortunately there is nothing we (Viber) can do to help.

Q. How to block Viber on our network – I am a system administrator of my company and I have been asked by authorities to block Viber on our network. So how to go about this ?

A. Simple, just block the above mentioned ports on your router/firewall.

Q. Connected to wifi and connected to cellular network. Viber should use Wifi but it is eating up my cellular connection.

A. When you connect to WiFi, and then you enable “data services”, doesn’t that essentially mean that you STOPPED connecting to WiFi, and switched your phone to 3G (cellular data). The problem described here is not possible as per Viber. In any case it is better to contact Viber help support in this case.

  • The app should be using Wifi network if your phone is connected to wifi.
  • However lets say that Viber is blocked on this wifi (due to port being blocked). And you have data plan from your cell network as well.
  • Will Viber use the cellular connection or the wifi connection (which has the port blocked) – Ideally Viber should be using only wifi and not cell network. It is better to contact support regarding this.

Q. When will Viber work like skype ? That is try the programs own ports and if it fails fallback on port 80 ?

A. Working on port 80 (HTTP ports) is something Viber is considering these days. It’s a little technologically complex, so it might take a little while. They will publish this information on Viber Facebook page once it is ready.

Q.  Hi I am in UAE and I have problems using Viber, is it blocked in UAE?

A. Yes. The authorities in the UAE have decided to block Viber in the whole country, and that is why you are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help. Try contacting the authorities and ask for the reason for this block.

What you can do is download the app from Google Play store. If you can’t find this app then you can directly download the apk file (link). Now that you have the Viber installed on your phone. You can try to use Viber over your wifi network and not the cellular network. Viber should work on this wifi network (else try to open the ports as we have stated above in the article).

Have a specific problem ?

If your Viber is not working and you have tried everything (what we have mentioned above), then please post your specific problem in the comment section. We will try to help you out. Happy free calling!

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