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We already have a huge list of mobile voip applications all having some distinguishing features but all with one mission to allow people remain connected with friends and family. With this aim, Yuilop was founded in 2011 and is available in over 100 countries including Germany, Italy, Mexico and the US with more than 5 million active users. This number is growing pretty fast.

Yuilop is a global communications app that lets you call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile and chat, anywhere in the world for free. Friends and family don’t need to have yuilop to receive calls, voice or SMS messages – it’s still free. We will get into the details later in this article.

Another good thing about Yuilip is that it is available for almost all the mobile platforms, be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile. The app requires internet (wifi or 3g) to make calls or send text. Just like other social communication app Yuilop also allows to send pictures, videos and your location too.

Update – Yuilop 2.0 is UppTalk

Please note that Yuilop growing and is expanding pretty fast. The spanish startup has already got huge number of customers and people are liking this application. There has been an update that latest Yuilop app 2.0 (android and iPhone) has been renamed to UppTalk. The new app comes with much more features like free calling and texting to anywhere in USA and Canada (without the need to have app installed on your phone).

For Blackberry and Windows, it is still old Yuilop app. Please read on to know more about this application.

What’s special about Yuilop

The real question is what’s so special about this application that you should try this out. How is it different from leading brands like Skype, Viber or Whatsapp !

  • Make Free Calls to other Yuilop Users – Just like other apps
  • Send voice messages, chat with friends, send pictures, videos etc – Just like other apps
  • Difference: The apps runs independently of networks or operators, allows for calls virtually everywhere in the world for free or by using credits. Everyone starts with free credit when they sign up with yuilop, and gaining more credit is super easy, so you may never have to pay for a phone call or SMS again.
  • In simple words – all other application allows you to call only people who use the same app and not just any landline or mobile phone (who don’t use any social apps). However Yuilop allows you to call landlines, mobiles and it needs credits.

Someone mentioned about Yuilop:

The best things in life are free: good friends, lively conversations, hearty laughter, or a walk in the sunshine and yuilop! Make free calls. Send free SMS. Try it with anyone, they don’t need the app – it’s still free.


Free Calls and Text to other Yuilop Users

Communication between yuilop users, or “yuilopers” is free and unlimited (texts and calls), but don’t forget you both need to be connected to the Internet either through data or WiFi to communicate. Good enough this feature is just like other applications !

Free Calls to Anyone, anywhere and to any phone

Yuilop allows you to call and send SMS to all of your phone contacts, even if they don’t have the app installed – you just need credits!

What are credits? They are yuilops’ virtual currency, which allows you to call any type of mobile phone or landline, as well as send text messages (SMS) without being charged any actual money.

But…how can you earn credits to make these calls? We’ve listed out some options for you:

  • After you register with yuilop you will obtain 10 credits automatically, just for downloading the app.
  • Invite friends from your contacts to join yuilop. For each contact that registers with yuilop using your invitation, you will receive 10 credits. Just imagine- if you invite 10 friends to yuilop that’s 100 new credits for you!
  • Complete offers and win credits
  • Facebook Promotions and other social media promotions: Time and again they comes up with new offers by which you can get free credit.
  • Purchase credits

Once you have free credit you will be able to make free calls using these credit. I am soon going to write another detailed tutorial on this -: how to earn credit with Yuilop and make free calls to non Yuilop users.

Yuilop Credits Consumed Per Call

The amount of credit varies per country and depends on the number you are calling to (mobile or landline) and the country. Remember calling yuilop users is free.

The credit consumed can be found : http://yuilop.com/rates/

To India Mobiles and Landlines, 2 credit are consumed per minute.

You use just 5 credits per text (SMS) sent anywhere in the world.

Download Yuilop

It is available for almost all mobile platforms:

Yuilop is definitely worth trying..

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