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UppTalk is a multi platform mobile instant messaging and communication app. This app is available for almost all types of mobile operating system, be it Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Mobile OS. UppTalk is already creating a buzz mobile voip business. It is similar to Viber and Skype but quite different in it own ways.

The spanish startup got popular with the name of Yuilop with over 5.5 million downloads. The 2.0 version of app has now been re-branded to “UppTalk” expecting more users and expansion in coming days. Not only the name has been changed but a lot of other features have been added to the new application.

You can read following to know more about this application:

As people start using any application, they face problems and have a lot of questions. I am sure that you have already figured out some of the basic things, but some thing are difficult to understand. Moreover at times people face issues getting the app up and working, sometime they have a specific query which need to be answered.

With that in mind, I have created this page to solve your issues related to UppTalk and answer all your queries. I will try to be as accurate as I can (and when in doubt, I will get the official answers from Yuilop team itself). How to find solution to your problem (or question)

  • Go through the set of questions and look if your query matches any already answered question
  • If not, please post a comment and we will be happy to help!

Official UppTalk FAQ Section

Here is a link to Official UppTalk FAQ Section. No point in copying and repeating the same set of answers again. Questions already answered here are:

  • Get a UserName
    • What’s “Get a username”?
    • Am I creating a new account with “Get a username”?
    • Why it’s asking me to verify my mobile in “Get a username”?
    • I used to have an account, what happens if I go to “get a username”?
  • From Yuilop to UppTalk
    • I was using yuilop, why it’s called UppTalk now?
    • The app is asking for my username and password, but I don’t know mine.
    • I have yuilop installed and running, how the migration from yuilop to UppTalk works?
    • I don’t have yuilop installed anymore, if I download UppTalk, how the migration from yuilop to UppTalk works?
    • What should I do if I have problems with the migration?
    • I already had a yuilop number, now UppTalk is offering me a new number.
    • I was using yuilop in two accounts and after updating to UppTalk I can’t use it in any device.
    • How do I know if I have a username?
    • I lost my credits with the migration, what should I do?
  • Creating an account
    • What information you need from me?
    • Why I need to get a UppTalk phone number?
    • What are those images in creating account?
    • My email is taken, can I create an account with it?
    • My username is taken, can I create an account with it?
  • Verifying your Phone
    • Why I need to verify my phone?
    • What do you do with my phone number?
    • How can I verify my phone number if I’m in a tablet?
    • How the verification works on iPhone, iPod or iPad?
    • How the verification works on an Android Smartphone?
    • How the verification works on an Android Tablet?
    • I’m not receiving my verification code.
  • UppTalk Phone Number
    • Can I call using my phone number instead?
    • Why when registering for a UppTalk number in Spain the ID is mandatory?
  • UppTalk Credits
    • What is UppTalk Credit?
    • How do I earn and use UppTalk Credit?
    • How much UppTalk Credit do I use per call?
    • How much Credit do I use per text?

Link to answers to above questions: Official UppTalk FAQ Section.

Unofficial UppTalk FAQ at VoipNina

Here are some of the questions which people have already asked me.

Where can I make Free Calls using UppTalk ?

You may be from any part of world, if you have joined UppTalk then you can call any other UppTalk user for free. To call normal phones (which are not UppTalk users):

  • If you are a US user : You get Unlimited Free Calls and Text Messages to US & Canada mobiles and landlines
  • If you are a UK user : You get Unlimited Free Calls to any UK landline, You get Unlimited Free Calls and Text Messages to US & Canada mobiles and landlines
  • If you are a German user: You get Unlimited Free Calls to any Germany landline, You get unlimited free text messages to any German number, You get Unlimited Free Calls and Text Messages to US & Canada mobiles and landlines
  • If you are a Spanish user: You get Unlimited Free Calls and Text Messages to US & Canada mobiles and landlines
  • If you are from any other destination: You can use credits to make call

How to call India (and other international destinations) for free ?

You can earn credit (by various ways) and make free international calls which includes India as well.. That is for every international destination, you can call for a particular credit per minute call rate (for India it is 2 credits per minute).

How to earn credit with UppTalk ?

You can earn these credits by watching videos or by completing promotions. The procedure to earn credits with UppTalk remain same as that of Yuilop. Please read this tutorial on knowing more on how to earn credit.

Does UppTalk support SIP Calling. What are its SIP settings ?

I have asked UppTalk team about this but the probable answer is No. I can’t figure out the SIP settings of UppTalk. So you cannot configure its SIP and use any other client/pbx for making calls.

Does UppTalk offer conference calls. Voice chat with multiple people at same time ?

No. I don’t think UppTalk offers conference calls. I tried to place one call and in between the call, I tried to call another number. I couldn’t figure out placing two call simultaneously. So no voice chat with multiple people. That’s not possible with UppTalk.

Does UppTalk offer video calls ?

No, UppTalk does not offer video calls.

I installed the app in UK and I am now traveling to another country. Will my calls be free back home to UK landline ?

Yes as you have download the app from UK, you will get an UppTalk number. Now that you have this application you can use it anywhere. I believe you should be able to call back home for free.

Make sure to do following:

1. Install the app in your phone when you are in UK. That is install the app now.
2. You will now get a UK number. The number gets associated to your phone and in the app installed in your phone.
3. The app will work in any country, as long as you are connected to internet (wifi).
4. Your calls back home to UK landline will be free. Calls are free because you already got the app installed and you have got Upptalk number as well.
5. Your calls to UK mobile be charged at 3 credits per minute.

You can earn credits by completing some offers and you will be able to use these credits to call UK mobile (and other international destinations).

How to get UppTalk / Yuilop on Nokia Mobiles ?

UppTalk is not available for Nokia mobiles.

How to install and use UppTalk / Yuilop on my laptop ?

There are ways by which you can use UppTalk on your computer (laptop or desktop). We will write a tutorial soon.

I can’t get the verification or confirmation code. What can I do now ?

If you don’t receive the code by sms, you can also ask for a call.

  1. UppTalk will call at your phone number and a friendly human voice will dictate the verification code.
  2. Just type the code in UppTalk.

If it still fails, contact UppTalk official support.

How to get an UppTalk phone number.

If you are from US, UK, Germany or Spain you would have automatically got UppTalk phone number (the time you registered with this app).


  • Select My Account
  • Select Share your UppTalk
  • Click the button “Get your phone number

I didn’t get the UppTalk phone number. Why ?

UppTalk numbers are available in the U.S, UK, Germany and Spain. You need to be in these countries (and use the phone number from these countries only for registration). If you are not from these countries, then you will not get UppTalk number.

Can you make calls dealing with IVRS ?

Interestingly it does not offer a dialpad in between the calls. So no point in making calls dealing with IVRS. UppTalk is for normal calls to landline and mobile phones.


  1. Joe Berry says

    I installed the app and everything works except I cannot hear the incoming voice. The
    outgoing voice works fine. Joe Berry

    • says

      Just a few basic things which one should ensure:
      1. Your microphone is not set on mute
      2. Other person speaker volume level is correctly set
      3. Your internet is working fine (with high bandwidth)
      4. Try calling any other phone to ensure that problem is at your end.

      Please try installing the latest app from google play.
      Let us know, else we will try to get support from UppTalk itself!

  2. joe berry says

    This is my second time. The first answer didn’t get it fixed. I am getting no incoming
    voice on my Android tablet. I have the same problem with the Text Me App that I have
    installed. Text works fine and the outgoing voice works fine. Joe Berry jmb34567@yahoo.com (One more point, when I talk into my cell ph. to the Android
    tablet that I am having problems with, my voice comes thru on the cell ph. earpiece,
    not on my tablet earpiece like it should.)

    • says

      Joe we understand your problem that you are not able to use the voip apps. From the problem you described, it seems that you are calling from your mobile phone to your android tablet. You are not able to hear incoming voice on your android tablet.

      We assume that :
      1. Your android tablet is behaving normally. You are able to listen to songs/music on your android tablet.

      Now please try following:
      1. Please try to use Android tablet default speaker (loudspeaker)
      2. If above fails, Please try to use headphones attached to your android tablet

      3. Try using Skype in your android tablet. See if Skype also does not work. If skype also fails to work (no incoming voice), then it is sure that either your android tablet settings are not proper or there is some problem with your android tablet earpiece.

      • Joe Berry says

        Now please try following:
        1. Please try to use Android tablet default speaker (loudspeaker)
        2. If above fails, Please try to use headphones attached to your android tablet.

        Point 1.) and 2.) are the suggestions that I got to try, (along with trying Skype,)
        to correct the issue, and I’ll check into Nimbuzz as an option, along with Yahoo
        Messenger and Facebook might have an app. My question is, what or where is
        the Android tablet default Speaker, (a.k.a. loudspeaker?) And I will try headphones,
        although I have tried earbuds already and have the same problem. Also, where
        are these Nexus 7 Android settings that pertain to making and receiving Phone
        Calls? (I have been working on getting Skype for awhile and have a payment
        issue that I’m trying to work out.) Joe Berry

  3. Greg says

    Question – everywhere that talks about this service talks about making calls and sending texts for free, but what about incoming calls and texts to my Upptalk number?I read where it states that calls between Upptalk users are free, but what about incoming calls from non-users? BTW I’ve used the service outbound and its great – just wondering about inbound. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      That’s really a very nice question and I don’t know the exact answer.
      What I know is that they assign you a local phone number (so if you are in USA you will get USA phone number, if you are from UK you will get UK number).

      I am assuming that these not any premium numbers but usual local phone numbers. Now the calling rates to that number should be whatever your telecom operator charges to normal USA/UK number.

  4. andy says

    I used Yuilop then Upptalk a few times from a tablet. Now I’ve installed it on an Android phone.

    I could not get a username as it said my email was already in use – this despite their advice to use the same email. And I could not log in for ages. Eventually I got a password reset email after about 6 requests and managed to log in using the mobile number used to sign up at the beginning.

    I don’t have free calls to UK or USA, but I used to.

    I’ve tried contacting support, but they seem very slow to respond sometimes.

    Can anyone suggest a trick for getting back free calls?

    • David Tabor says

      Is there a general problem with in-bound messages? I am receiving credits for in-bound, but not seeing them. The senders have told me that they did send something…

  5. andy says

    The support team came back, and a few messages were exchanged.

    My Upptalk number seemed to have disappeared off some of the database records though the client on my phone still had it, and it was reallocated back to my account about a day ago, thus restoring the free calls

  6. nicole chambers says

    I have the app and i have been using it for about a year now and i strictly use it on wifi only not cellular data, BUT when i go to work and i connect to the wifi which is a secure connection its not working I have tried uninstalling and restarting my phone. I have no issue connecting to any other wifi but at work i cant connect and its just a regular wifi? anyone know what I should do? any suggestions??

  7. Jai says

    Unable to call Upptalk number using my free mobile minutes. Have loads of free minutes from 3 network but when I try calling Upptalk number it rings till it reaches voice mail.

  8. james banj says

    On android phone: it hijacks the phone dialer and automatically dials the contact using carrier minutes. Workaround: stop/end call before it connects then go to log history, press contact info then select unlimited call or text. That way the app uses only data and not phone minutes.

  9. Lauren says

    I know that voicemail is a new feature that they’ve added, but I can’t/don’t know how to access the voicemails that people leave me. I don’t know what to do.

  10. paul says

    I paid for unlimited us and canada calling and the amount was taken from my checking account but never posted to my upptalk account. I can still text and receive calls but can not make an out bound call. Everytime I do I get the “destination is denied” or whatever. How do I get a refund or what do it do?

  11. andy says

    Upptalk number disappeared from account again.

    Calls to the old number ring but nothing happens. Outgoing calls send the mobile number originally used to sign up, which was on a SIM I ported another number on to over a year ago. So that old number may soon be allocated to someone else. So I want to change the caller ID.

    No reply from support in a week.

  12. andy says

    They got rid of my old Upptalk number again, but the saved points were still there. Support didn’t reply for 2 weeks, by which time I’d got fed up of waiting and applied for a new number.

    Every update to the application makes either the earned points or the outgoing tariffs worse. It no longer earns points for incoming calls and texts, and the Samba ads hardly ever earn points either.

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