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: http://www.tango.me/
Short Description: If not the most popular video calling application, Tango is definitely in top 5 apps for video calling. It is used by huge number of people all around the globe. The good thing is that it has application for almost all the platforms, making it a complete multi platform application. Tango not only offers video calls but you can also text or voice chat with other Tango users. If you have Windows Mobile, then Tango is the answer for your video calls.

How to Tango

Key Features

  • Free Voice Calls: The app offers free voice calls on almost all the platforms it is available
  • Free Text Messaging: The app offers free text messaging on almost all the platforms it is available
  • Free Video Calls: The app offers free video calls on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. It also works on android tablets and iPad.
  • No login & password – create an account in seconds
  • 1 to 1 and Group Chat with up to 50 friends

More information about Tango

  • Tango App Review – Discussing all details of Tango video calling application and its features. How you can use it make video calls from various devices. You can use it for calling from Android to iPhone, Windows Phone to Android, Pc to Mobile etc..

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