Free International Calls – Huge Collection

Few years back when there was less penetration of internet on computer and mobile phones, connecting with friends and family proved too costly specially if you live far away in a different country. But thanks to voip services and mobile communication applications, you can reduce your calling costs and at times connect with your friends and family for free.

There is a huge lists of mobile voip applications which allow you to call your friends for free. However most of these mobile applications require that the other person is firstly using the same application (on his mobile or computer) and then he is also connected to internet. If you and your friend both have a smartphone (or a PC) with high speed internet and can access the same application at same time (we are talking about apps like Viber, Skype etc), then its great and you two can talk to each other for free and endlessly. If your case is different, then read on.

Below is a list of voip services and mobile applications (with link to corresponding tutorial and other relevant details), which allow you to call a normal mobile phone or landline phone for free. This is a collection of WORKING tutorials which allow you to make “Free International Phone Calls“.

Important details which you should look for

  • Service Type – Is it “PC to Phone” or “Phone to Phone“. Is this a Mobile application or it works from PC as well. If its a mobile application, then does it work on your mobile ?
  • Which countries can you call : Some of the below apps/services restricts calls to one (or few) specific countries.
  • Call Duration – Is this unlimited call duration method or some kind of free trials calls
  • Number of Calls – Is this unlimited number of calls or limited to some calls per day or some kind of free trials calls.

Call2Friends Call2Friends

Tutorial Link
Service Type: You can make “Free Calls to Mobile from Computer“. Straight from your browser.
Which countries call you can: You can call large number of countries for free, including India, Pakistan, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia etc.
Call Duration: Free Call Duration vary depending upon country you are calling. For India, call lasts for 1 minutes.
Number of Free Calls: Limited to one call per user per day. You can again make a free calls next day
Last Checked and Found Working: 2nd Nov 2013

Free Trial Calls – With Tricks

Some voip providers offer free trial credit which can be used to make free calls. This trial credit is limited and the amount varies depending upon the service. Some just give first call as free, some give credit like $5, $1 or even $10. The main point is you get free credit and you can use it to call free (though limited calls but atleast free). Some voip services have loopholes which can be used to get more free calls (What we call as our small small tricks).

BetamaxBetaMax Services (Jumblo, ActionVoip etc)

Review Link (Tutorial)
Service Type – PC to Phone or Mobile App for Phone to Phone Calling
What does it offer – First Call Free (use tricks to make unlimited free calls) or around 2 minutes duration
Last Checked – 4th November 2013

Call2Friends Yuilop (aka UppTalk)

Tutorial LinkYuilop Review and Tutorial, UppTalk Review and Tutorial
Service Type: It allows you to make free calls from your mobile phone using the smartphone application.
Which countries call you can: You can just any country in the world including India, Pakistan, Mexico, USA, Canada etc.
Call Duration: Initially you get 5 minutes of free calls (total), however there are ways to extend this to more number of free calls by earning free credit. With free credit you can make more free calls. Tutorial covers how this can be done!

Unlimited Free Calls to USA and Canada

Following voip services or mobile applications offer unlimited free calls to USA and Canada. You can use these to call any mobile or landlines phone in USA and Canada for free. Please note that these services may NOT work for making free calls to other countries.

TextNow TextNow

Review Link
Service Type: Both Pc to Phone with online calls and Mobile Application for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile
Call other countries: Not Free
Call Duration: Unlimited number of calls of unlimited duration. App is free to download and use.