Free Video Calls Apps for Blackberry Mobiles and Playbook

The time has gone when everyone was using Blackberry and it used to be called a supercool gadget. It was only blackberry guys who used to enjoy internet on mobile and text messaging via blackberry messenger. Turns out that Blackberry has completely its charm now with Android and iPhone getting popular.

However that said, Blackberry is still trying hard to revive in this competitive market by launching new devices. Moreover still a lot of people use Blackberry mobiles (old and new ones). And these people do want to make free calls, free text/voice/video chat with their friends. Thanks to Voip and mobile communication apps, you can actually make free video calls from your blackberry mobile phone.

Though the number of video calling applications for Blackberry phones is not that great, however these still exists. As long as you are using high speed internet on your mobile (Wifi or 3g) and your device fullfils the requirement for video calls, you can video chat with your friend for free. Moreover the bandwidth consumed is pretty less for these phone calls, so effectively the call cost is zero (free calls).

In this article we have compiled list of voip applications for your Blackberry Mobile which allow you to make free video calls. First a few things you should be aware of.

  • Phone need to be connected to internet in order to make video calls. You can use Wifi and 3G for making video calls.
  • Your phone need to have a front facing camera in order to make video call. Calling with secondary (or back camera) is extremely difficult
  • You will need to use a voip application which supports video calling!
  • Install device specific voip Application: Please install video calling application listed below on your blackberry android mobile or playbook tablet
  • Video Call for Free: The below listed application allows you to video call for free with the friends who are also using the same app. You and your friend both need to be online and remain connected to internet when you make call. It does not matter which device your friend is using.

Make sure that friend is using the same application in his mobile or computer or even tablet!



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Skype is one of the most widely used voip service for making video calls. It has application for computer, android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows mobile. Most of your friends may already be using Skype app so making calls is easy and free. The video call quality is also pretty great. It also offers free voice calls and text messages. Its a must try app.