Free Video Calls Apps for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

There was a time when Nokia symbian phones were so much popular that Nokia was a top mobile company. After those iPhone’s and Android devices came into market, Nokia lost its charm and so is its user base. Nokia symbian phones are now days used by just a few people.

Moreover after Microsoft acquiring Nokia, it is almost very clear that Symbian OS has no future. Most of future Nokia phones will be powered by Windows operating system. However that said, still a lot of people are using Nokia Symbian phones and we can’t simply ignore them.

People buy mobile phone with purpose of communicating with their friends and family. The latest trend in communication is video chat (video calling) or video conferencing (video chat with multiple people at same time). So what about the Video calling feature in Nokia Symbian Phone.

If you have a Nokia Symbian mobile phone, then please read on. In this article we will discuss every aspect of video calling using your Nokia Symbian Mobile phone. Please note that Video calling is currently the best possible way to get in touch with your friends and family. Moreover if you are using unlimited internet plan (or a cheap internet plan), then your actual video call cost is almost free. The data consumed in a video call is very less and thus the cost is effectively zero.

Nokia Mobile Requirements to Make Video Calls

  • Your Nokia Mobile should be having a secondary front facing camera. This is a must for video calling. You can though use back camera for video calls, but then its difficult to use to focus yourself and thus not suitable for video calling.
  • Your Nokia Symbian Phone should have wifi or 3G capability and need to be connected to internet in order to make video calls.
  • You will need to use a voip application which supports video calling.

The third point is the major bottleneck, as very less video calling application are available for symbian operating system. Also note that person you are calling also needs to have video calling facility (may be on his computer or mobile whichever he has), then only you will be able to see the other person. I

Also your friend need to be using the same voip application which you are use on your mobile phone. Only then you two can video talk to each other for free.

  • Make sure that your friend is using same Video calling application. He can use this application on any mobile (Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry or any other) or tablet or computer or just any other device which supports video calling.
  • Cheap International calls: Though you can make video calls to the person who is using the same app, however you can even make cheap international calls (voice calls and not video) to a person who may not be using smartphone or this particular voip application.


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Skype is one of the most widely used voip service for making video calls. It has application for computer, android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows mobile. Most of your friends may already be using Skype app so making calls is easy and free. The video call quality is also pretty great. It also offers free voice calls and text messages. Its a must try app.