Free Voice Calling Apps for SmartPhones

It was just a few years back (the time when smartphone usage was very limited) that international calling and connecting with friends and family costed too much. Phone Bills used to consume significant portion of our monthly budget. SmartPhones and internet on mobile has literary changed everything.

We no longer have to spend money in order to connect with our friends and family living abroad (or even living just few mts away). All the credit goes to voip (or rather we should say Mobile Voip). To put this in straight forward terms – this amazing technology allows you to make phone calls using internet and not use anything of your telecom operator. Now as the data you are using is free (Wifi or 3G monthly plans), your phone call is free.

You just have to install a small piece of software on your mobile (applications) and that’s it. This apps make use of internet and allows you to talk to your friends and family for free (no matter which part of the world they are living in).

How to Make Free Calls using SmartPhone Applications

  • Make sure your phone is connected to internet
  • You install a mobile voip application in your phone -: Most of the times these mobile voip applications are free to download and use. However please note that all these apps may not be available for your mobile phone. This is because some voip provider offers apps for only iPhone or Android or Windows etc. So just use the app which is compatible with your device.
  • Ask your friend to install the same voip application in his smart phone -: or you can invite your friend from inside the app
  • Add contact -: Some app do not require you to explicitly add your friends as your contact. It scans your address book and automatically finds your friends. Some apps explicitly asks you to add contact (Like Skype).
  • Call your friend (assuming he is also connected to internet) and talk as long as you like.

Free Voice Call Apps for Mobile Phones

As we have said earlier, some apps are available for almost all types of mobile phone. However some applications are limited to iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android Phones. To help you out, below is a compiled list of mobile apps sorted according to phone operating system.

Windows Mobiles (OS 7.5 and 8) and Tablets

Full List with Reviews

  1. TextNow (Windows 8 – Currently offers free texting, calling feature coming very soon)
  2. Nimbuzz (Windows 7.5 and 8)
  3. Yuilop (Windows 7.5 and 8)
  4. Viber (Windows 7.5 and 8)

Blackberry Mobile and Playbook

Full List with Reviews

  1. Nimbuzz (Blackberry 4.5 OS and above)
  2. Yuilop
  3. Viber

Nokia Symbian Mobiles

Full List with Reviews

  1. Nimbuzz
  2. Viber (only text as of now)