Free Voice Calls Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you can connect with your friends and family for free. Gone are the days when we used to spend too much money on our phone bills. Thanks to voip and mobile applications, you can use internet on mobile and talk (text/voice call/video call) with your friends for free.

SmartPhones have changed a lot on how we communicate with our friends. Voip allows you to make phone calls using internet and does not use any of the telecom minutes. All it requires is high speed internet on your iPhone (Wifi or 3G).

What you need to do is install app on your iOS device and that’s it. You will find that your friend is also using the same application (or you may ask your friend to do so) and thus you can voice chat with him for free.


  • Install device specific voip Application: Some voip providers offer app just for iPhone, some even offer a special iPad application. In any case you can atleast install the iPhone app (if iPad app is not available)
  • Talk/Text for free: Almost all the apps listed below allows you to voice call for free, with the friends who are also using the same app. You and your friend need to be online and connected to internet when you want to make the call
  • Free Calls to USA, Canada: Some apps (as mentioned below in details) allows you to call normal mobile and landlines phone anywhere in USA
  • Cheap International calls: Though you can make free call to the person who is using the same app, however you can even make cheap international calls to a person who may not be using smartphone or this voip application.



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Textnow is a free app of 32MB in size. The app requires iOS 4.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Additional to free calls to other Textnow users, you get a Free US Phone Number to receive text, free calls to USA and Canada. You can also call normal landlines/mobiles in USA and Canada for free.


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Nimbuzz is available for all the mobile platforms and computer. The good thing is almost all of your friends would already be using this app, so you can actually call a lot of your friends for free. Nimbuzz Messenger lets you chat with your buddies on Facebook, Gtalk 24×7 for free. It also allows group chat, chat rooms, HD voice calls and lot of other features.

yuilopYuilop (Renamed to UppTalk)

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Yuilop aka UppTalk is available for almost all mobile platforms be is iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile. Not only it offers free calls, chat and text messaging to other Yuilop (renamed to UppTalk) messenger but it also offers free calls to any phone in the world (even to the people who are not using this app). All you need is UppTalk credit (you can earn those) and use this credit to call any phone in world.


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Viber is one of the most used voip application available for all mobile platforms (android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows, Bada) and even for computers as well. That means if you start using this app and assuming your friend is also using the same Viber app on his device, then you two can talk to each other for free. There is no restriction on call duration. Viber has gained a huge popularity and you will find that almost all your friends and family are already using this app. Its a must try.