Free Video Calls Apps for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Everyone is now using Android mobiles. Everyday there is a launch of a new android mobile. The good thing is that the price range is quite good (low budget, mid range and high end phones). So if everyone is using Android mobiles – how are these guys communicating. Turns out that android mobiles have lot of options for communicating with others – text chat, voice calls and video calls as well.

Video calling is currently the best possible way to get in touch with your friends and family. Moreover if you are using unlimited internet plan (or a cheap internet plan), then your actual video call cost is almost free. The data consumed in a video call is very less and thus the cost is effectively zero.

Android Mobile Requirements to Make Video Calls

  • Phone need to be connected to internet in order to make video calls. You can use Wifi and 3G for making video calls.
  • Your phone need to have a front facing camera in order to make video call. Calling with secondary (or back camera) is extremely difficult
  • You will need to use a voip application which supports video calling!

However please note that person you are calling also needs to have video calling facility (may be on his computer or mobile phone), then only you will be able to see the other person. In order to make video calls you need to install application on your Android device which support video calling and that’s it. You will find that your friend is also using the same application (or you may ask your friend to do so) and thus you can video chat with him for free.


  • Install device specific voip Application: Please install video calling application listed below on your android mobile and tablet (assuming your phone fulfills above requirement).
  • Video Call for Free: The below listed application allows you to video call for free with the friends who are also using the same app. You and your friend both need to be online and remain connected to internet when you make call.
  • Talk/Text for free: Not only video calls, you can talk and text free.
  • Cheap International calls: Though you can make video calls to the person who is using the same app, however you can even make cheap international calls (voice calls and not video) to a person who may not be using smartphone or this particular voip application.
  • Video calling people who are not using Android: You want to video chat with a friend who is not using Android Mobile. Now what. Doesn’t matter as there are voip applications which are available for other platforms as well. For example if you use Skype on your Android and your friend who has windows mobile (or use computer) also use Skype app, then you two can video chat with each other for free.


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Tango offers free video calls from Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Desktop. Its a widely popular app with more than 600 million downloads. It also offers free voice calls and text messages. The video call quality is also really good, so its a must try from my side.


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Skype is one of the most widely used voip service for making video calls. It has application for computer, android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows mobile. Most of your friends may already be using Skype app so making calls is easy and free. The video call quality is also pretty great. It also offers free voice calls and text messages. Its a must try app.

hangoutsGoogle Hangouts

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One of the best way to make video calls is to use Google Hangouts. The good thing is it is available for most the types of mobile platforms which means that you will be able to video call with almost all your friends (assuming they have installed Hangouts on their mobile device). Moreover the call quality is also pretty decent and it offers free group video calls as well (which is a premium feature in Skype). In short it is a must to have application.