evaphone logoVoip Provider Name: EvaPhone
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: http://www.evaphone.com/
Short Description: Started few years back as a free international call service (limited number of calls per day as Pc to Phone), it has now started offering cheap international calls from your mobile, landline and computer. It offers mobile apps for all types of mobile phone, online callback method, PC application and calls straight from browser. There are no hidden charges, no connection fees and you can buy credit as low as $1.

EvaPhone Credit

  • You can credit your account with as little as $1
  • No hidden charges, no connection fees
  • Duration is rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • Every cent you add is credited straight on to your balance.
  • To keep your account active, you simply have to call at least once every 12 months, otherwise your unused credit may be lost.
  • Pay with: Paypal, Skrill, All Major Credit and Debit Cards

Key Features

    • Easy and all methods available to make calls: Use mobile applications for various types, direct callback, online callback, PC to Phone with software, calls straight from browser
    • Cheap International Calls: Offers cheap calls to lot of destinations. Better than Skype in terms of calling rates
    • Recharge account with less credit: as low as $1

More information about EvaPhone

  • EvaPhone Review – A complete review on EvaPhone. What are its main features, calling rates and how about its customer support. We have a look at various aspects which will help you to decide whether EvaPhone should be main call provider or not.

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