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Short Description: Not a very popular voip service, however Call2Friends is pretty decent. It has made it possible for you to make VOIP free or low-cost international high-quality calls (to India, China, USA & other countries). It offers limited number of free calls of limited duration everyday. Anyone and everyone can make call directly from its website (online dialer). If interested you can purchase credit and make cheap international calls.

Free Calls with Call2Friends

  • Step1 : Visit website using firefox or chrome
  • Step2 : Enter the number you want to call in dialer
  • Step3 : When asked to enable cam/microphone. Click ok or enable.
  • Step4 : Click green button to place the call
  • Step5 : Talk till the call automatically disconnects.

Key Features

  • Free Calls with Call2Friends: As mentioned above it offers free calls from its website to many countries. These free calls are on daily basis and of limited duration. The call duration depends on the country you want to call.
  • Free international SMS from its website : Currently disabled
  • Cheap International Calls: Offers cheap calls to lot of destinations. Better than Skype in terms of calling rates

More information about Call2Friends

  • How to Make Free Calls with Call2Friends – Review cum tutorial on how you can use this service to make free international calls. One of the very few services which actually offer free calls without any hidden agenda. No registration, no login – straight calling!
  • Call2Friends Hack – Use this simple workaround by which you will be able to make unlimited number of free calls (however of limited duration) everyday.
  • Call2Friends Android App – Learn how to use Call2Friends on your android mobile phones. Download the app, make a few settings and use it
  • Call2Friends Best Alternatives – Websites like Call2Friends which allow you to make free calls.

Download Call2Friends Application – Configure SIP in it

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