Top 30 Sites like Call2Friends – Best Alternatives

Call2Friends is one the most popular websites which offer free (limited calls) and cheap calls to mobile and landline phones directly from its website. People also use its SIP settings and configure it on Android (and other mobiles) to make free calls. Using this voip service you can make calls to India, China, USA, Mexico and other 200 countries.

Call2Friends offers limited number of free internet calls of limited duration everyday. Please note that the free call duration varies on the country you are calling. For India the call duration is about 2 minutes. Moreover it does not require any kind of registration to make these free calls. So you make a free call on Day1 and your free credit for day expires. Next day you get fresh credit and use it to call again.

As we said that the call duration is limited so if you can want to make more calls using this same service, you have an option to register and buy credit. Call2Friends offers cheap international calls to many countries. However if you follow some workaround, then you can even make unlimited calls everyday.

Enough said, what if you want something similar to Call2Friends. All these features are not limited to Call2Friends, however these similar features are offered by lot many other voip providers as well. Similar to Call2Friends, you can use these below voip services to make free or cheap international calls. We have compiled a list of top 30 alternatives for Call2Friends – the sites (websites) which are similar to Call2Friends.

Sites Like Call2Friends

Top Websites Like Call2Friends

S.No Call2Friend Alternative Website Link
1 EvaPhone
2 Globfone
3 UppTalk
4 TextNow
5 Poketalk
6 Viber
7 Snoozester
8 Dialnow
9 Inaani
10 Wowcall
11 Rebtel
12 DialAbroadDirect
13 Globe7
14 InterVoip
15 Jumblo
16 VoipCheap
17 iCall
18 FriendCaller
19 VoipStunt
20 FooCall
21 LocalPhone
22 Skype
23 ActionVoip
24 Nimbuzz
25 Tap4Call
26 Phone880
27 12Voip
28 VoipMove
29 VoipBlast
30 Voipbusterpro

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