How to make free calls with Betamax Voip Services

It was just a few years back when people used to spend heavily for connecting with friends and family. Planning for cheap mobile services was always on top of list, when traveling abroad or moving to another country. Calling India from USA costed more than 10 cents per minute.

Thanks to internet on mobile and voip services that we can now connect to our friends for free (or at very cheap rates). Now almost everyone is using smartphones and high speed internet on mobiles. If you and the person you want to call, both use the same voip application (Like Viber/Skype etc) than you two can talk to each other for free.

However as we mentioned before these require that

  • You and your friend use a smartphone with high speed internet
  • Use the same voip application
  • Both are connected to internet when you two want to talk

Though these are simple requirements, however these are difficult for some. The question boils down to “can you call normal landline and mobile phones for free”.

In this article we will show how you can use the betamax services (Delmont Sarl voip) to make free calls to normal landlines and mobile phones.

Important Details

  • It works for all Betamax Services -: As you know that ActionVoip, Jumblo, SmartVoip, Rynga (and lot of others) are part of this group. So the method which we are going to show below works for all of these services and not just limited to one.
  • Absolutely Free -: We are not going to top up our account in order to make free calls. We are not talking about those “FreeDays” in which you have to top up your account. Offcourse you can top up your account by buying credit and get entitled to free days (then you can very simply make free calls).
  • Free PC to Phone Calls -: We are going to write this tutorial based on making PC to Phone Calls. Please note that as explained in various reviews about betamax, these work on mobile phones as well (so you can make calls from mobile to mobile as well).
  • We are using Free First Call -: What we are doing is simply making use of first free call thing which almost all of these betamax offers. Its nothing new, however I will try to see find some trick by which we can register with multiple accounts and thus get multiple free first calls
  • Free Calls to India -: This works to call India as well… please try other destinations

Making Free Calls with Betamax – Tutorial

Lets get started. Please note that I am going forward with “Jumblo Voip Service“. You can opt for any other betamax service and make free calls. However I suggest that you follow the steps as I say.

Step1 – Register with Jumblo

Visit Jumblo.Com

At top right corner, you see a link of Register (click that). Sign up with Jumblo voip service.

  • Fill in all the details
  • You can use a dummy email address (to avoid spam). But please note that you will be sent a verification link, which you require to click.

Jumblo Website Click Register

Jumblo Registration Page

Step2 – Email  Verification

Verify your email account. Go to your mail account and click the verification link.

Jumblo Email Verification Link

Step3 – Make Free Call

At the bottom right, you see “make a call”. Click that. Let that widget load.

jumblo make a call button

Enter the number in international format (with country code). Click call button.

Jumblo call number

Jumblo Free Call to India

  • My call lasted for more than 2 minutes
  • Call quality was average
  • Now it shows that free calls have ended

Jumblo FreeTrial Ended

Free Calls Ended – What Next ?

As we have mentioned in the article earlier that the free trial period is of one call. However I am suspecting that this is per account (or at max per IP address).

  • I am going to try registering with a new email address to see if it works again
  • If it fails, I am going to try with another IP address (use proxy, switch on/off my broadband router) to see if it works


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