UppTalk – How to Install and Make Free Calls

The most popular voip applications available for all mobile platforms are mainly Skype and Viber. However that does not mean these are the only decent apps available, infact there are lot more interesting apps offering some great features. One such application is Yuilop. I reviewed this Yuilop application, mentioning that it is one of the most growing voip applications with more than 5.5 millions users. This customer base is increasing day by day and to attract more customers Yuilop has been renamed to UppTalk.

Yuilop 2.0 aka UppTalk offers lot more features. To know why and how does it affect you, please read our full review on UppTalk here.

The UppTalk app is available for Android and iPhone platform. As we have mentioned in our review, it offers free calls and text messages to other UppTalk users. Not only that it offers free calls to any mobile or landline phone in USA and Canada and (UK and Germany landlines – read below).

However the interesting part is that you can make international calls using UppTalk credit. This credit can be purchased and even earned. This effectively means that you can use UppTalk to make free international calls.

You can use this application on your mobile phone (doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from). If your phone is a smartPhone (Android or iPhone) and you have internet access on mobile (Wifi or 3G) then you can use UppTalk on your mobile. The call rates (or the credit consumed per minute per call) depends on the country you are calling.

PS: Yuilop is available for Blackberry and Windows Mobile, however its 2.0 version (UppTalk) is not yet supported.

In this article with the help of images, we will show you how you can install and make calls with UppTalk. Its very easy though – install, register and start making calls.

Register and Make Free Calls with UppTalk

First lets look at various features:

  • Calling & Texting to any phone – mobile and fixed line- worldwide.
  • UppTalk gives you a real phone number.
  • Receive calls on any device, even with just wifi.
  • Ultra cheap international calls (free calls if you earn credit).
  • Earn free credits to make international calls.
  • Easy to recharge. Just invite a friend, or watch a video.
  • Call, chat and group chat with millions of UppTalk users worldwide for free.
  • UppTalk offers you high-quality features in sharing pictures, videos, location, audio and more.

Free Calls with UppTalk

  • Free Calls and text messages to USA (Mobile and Landline)
  • Free Calls and text messages to Canada (Mobile and Landline)
  • Free Calls to UK Landline: Some people have reported that if you use this application in UK itself and call the UK landline (without country code 0044), then it assumes the call to be a local call. This local call to UK landline (without using 0044) is free. This has worked for some people and failed for some people. Upptalk response on this “When you get an UppTalk number you have unlimited calls to any UK landline and unlimited calls and SMS to the United States (these numbers are available in the U.S., UK, Germany and Spain).
  • Free Calls to German Landline for German users.

As per information from UppTalk:

The free call offer is only for users with UppTalk numbers. Right now the numbers are available in US, UK, Spain and Germany. If you are in any of those countries and you get your UppTalk number you have unlimited Calls & SMS to any phone in the US. Plus:
For US users
: Free Calls and Text to US & Canada – mobile and landlines.
For UK users: unlimited calls to any UK landline.
For German users: unlimited calls to any german landline and unlimited SMS to any German number.

Install UppTalk Application


UppTalk is getting ready and verifying itself


Instantly earn 1 credit


Contacts in UppTalk


My Account – Yuilop Credits already added


Calling – Click on the dotted button on top right


Contacts – Make calls directly


Buy App – Remove Ads


Buy Credits – Make International Calls


Credits – Earn Credit

Earn Credit with UppTalk

Share App and Earn Credit

Install the UppTalk App

Earn Credit with UppTalk

The procedure to earn free credit with Upptalk remains same as that of Yuilop. Please read this detailed article on how you can earn credit with Yuilop, this will help you get credit and in turn make free international calls.

Watch Videos with UppTalk

Earn Credit with UppTalk


UppTalk is a great application. It doesn’t matter if you have used Yuilop or not, you must try UppTalk!

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