Telegram Messenger User Reviews – Is it a great App ?

Telegram messenger app is being considered as the best alternative to Whatsapp messenger. This new application offers many small and big features which no other messenger app offers. Moreover Telegram has an application for iPhone, Android, Windows, Computer and Online messenger as well. It even offers open source API’s which makes it possible to build the app on various other platforms as well.

But the real question remains “is the Telegram app being liked by people”. So below are some of both positive and negative user reviews taken from Google Play store (Android) and iOS Apple store.

Positive Reviews

Great alternative I’m not even sure how this is legal, seeing as it’s a blatant WhatsApp clone. Some people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at first glance. In any event, it’s very solid and the encrypted conversation feature is a nice touch. I love that there are desktop clients too. The truth is though, I’ve grown accustomed to WhatsApp’s PTT feature. That’s really the only thing stopping me from jumping ship at this point. Hopefully Telegram have plans to add it down the line.

Looks to be a great dedicated messaging service that’s not linked to the big guys (FB, G+). Cloud-based sync, multi-platform ready, simple. Yes. ALSO: I’d like to see simpler theme options. There’s only one solid background available. I prefer a clean interface, take the good things from WhatsApp, but leave the tacky stuff alone.

Really loving it.. more than any app.. but I can’t give 5 stars bcoz there is no option for Audio/video sending and we cannot copy more then 1 msg at time.. kindly improve overall.. its one of the best app of all time.. keep it up! Thanks

Telegram is one hell of an app. Super fast in uploading pictures and videos. And lot is borrowed from Whatsapp but that’s not a bad thing. Only glitch is that it cannot run in the background like normal apps. I don’t get notifications of messages until I open it, and this is what instant messaging is all about. Please fix this. Give star otherwise

This is a must have! I’d love to be apart of the development and supports of this app. It host a familiar yet stylish UI as well as its own unique set of features which helps to distinguish it from its competitors. I’M IN LOVE!

Better than whatsapp Quicker, free, videos up to 1 gig, 200 people per group, ipad client and web client, stores photos in the cloud so phone isn’t clogged up, looks just like whatsapp!? (Blatent copy?) But its a winner and probably the thing Facebook should have bought because this is where the Whatsapp millions will be shortly so would have been way cheaper!

Bye bye Whatsapp! Due to recent acquisition of whatsapp by Facebook, I was looking for alternatives and this is it! Plus you get encrypted messages. I am not handing over my phone number to Facebook to misuse and give out to third parties. If you value your privacy switch up to telegram. It really works much the same way, if not a little slicker. And it’s also free! Spread the word! Apparently 800,000 people have downloaded Telegram in a single day! And it’s trending on twitter as we speak. It seems we are not all asleep when it comes to securing our privacy.

Great It’s a relief to find a russian secured messanger looks so much like whatsapp which makes it easier to transfer here after Facebook aquired whatsapp what a mess.. anyway, one thing is missing, please telegram add the PTT option where we can send voice.

Seems pretty sweet The messenger might even replace WhatsApp if Facebook turn it to shit.

I’m glad for the founders of Whatsapp and the entire company. I admire FaceBook’s bravado. It’s an awesome move for both companies. I can only dream of Apple making a similar move to buy Dropbox or a big company that could handle online services with ease. What do we get as customers of FaceBook from this acquisition? The answer is simple: we get the privilege of giving FaceBook more of our data! That’s what the $19 billion buys FB, more of our every move. Luckily for us, we have plenty of great options to substitute Whatsapp. I first heard that Telegram was a Whatsapp clone, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with its speed(it’s the fastest app of its kind I’ve ever used). The developer also claims, it’s the most secure app in the category. It has no ads, lets you share large files. There is a even longer list of great features on their website. All in all, I’m glad FB bought Whatapp. Telegram is the messing app to have!

This messenger app is really fast. How fast?; When I send a picture to a pal who is near by, the thumbnail of photo is appear his chat window even uploading is not done yet. And cloud-based multiple device supporting like i message is a another charming point. However the notification handling is not yet reached the level of imessage. The receive notification is still remains on other devices after I read on one device. This is the only unsatisfied feature to me while everything of this messenger are really adorable.

Negative Reviews

The app lag much. Such bullshit over 9000. Recommend not to download due to the lag in message send and receive

Unstable Whatsapp Clone wearing a different Dress! Be original folks! The whole UX design is a straight copy of Whatsapp! only in a different color, not a tad of difference. Profile picture upload from gallery works now. I like that it allows to send documents as attachments, but need a way to access received files outside the app. Connectivity is not smooth, neither sending nor receiving.

Has some issues The files which are downloaded get automatically removed after few days…. This files need to be storied permanently. Else this app won’t serve the purpose.

Too much slow whenever I open it says connecting and connecting takes too much time to update. Takes too much time to send simple text msgs on even on wi-fi network. And also there is no search option within chat window

INVALID PHONE NUMBER Can’t start using the app, unable to do the mobile number registration. Keep saying “invalid phone number”. Though I am entering my number in the correct format and even tried 2 different numbers still unable to do the mobile number registration. BTW I’m from PH. Until this issue is resolve will give 1 star…

Sign up error Can’t sign up and start using the app. Error: no workers running, appearing even I enter my mobile number.

Not impressed Why this app is heating ma phone like this. Why wild it running connecting every time I launch it? Please check that!

Not good Its network is not at all good.. The message didn’t get deliver instantly..

I cant believe how people rip off Whatsapp, and Google Playstore still hasn’t removed it from the store….. screw you

Unsecure Weird crypto-implementation with lots of little flaws in design. Don’t trust the encryption! Other than that, nice Whatsapp clone… and open source is a great thing too (anyway).


  1. Dmitry says

    Whenever I use Telegram this app get stuck. I’m disappointed. I like its interface (though it’s similar to WhatsApp). Hope the developer will make fix current issues with speed. Yesterday I discovered one more secure messenger – Sicher, tried it, it looks great and works fast. Hope Sicher will server the purpose better than Telegram.

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