Telegram Messenger User Reviews – Is it a great App ?

Telegram User Reviews

Telegram messenger app is being considered as the best alternative to Whatsapp messenger. This new application offers many small and big features which no other messenger app offers. Moreover Telegram has an application for iPhone, Android, Windows, Computer and Online messenger as well. It even offers open source API's which makes it possible to build the app on various other platforms as well. But the real question remains "is the Telegram app being liked by people". So below are some of both … [Read more...]

Telegram – How to set individual notification/ringtone to specific contact

Telegram custom ringtone setting

After the takeover of Whatsapp application by Facebook, a lot of people are making switch to different messenger applications for various reasons. One of the main app which is getting into focus is Telegram messenger. The main reason for its success is the set of features it offers. Telegram messenger is being considered better than Whatsapp by many bloggers (we have even done a comparison of the two apps). Anyways this article assumes that you have successfully installed Telegram messenger … [Read more...]

How to share files in Telegram Messenger App

Telegram Application taking back our right to privacy

Telegram messenger app is relatively a new application, however its customer base is growing very fast. Large number of people have switched from old messenger applications like Whatsapp, WeChat to this new Telegram app. Though telegram messenger has many features which distinguishes it from other apps (check out the complete comparison here), however one of the main feature is ability to share just any file of any size. If you check Whatsapp, it allows you to share just "Pictures, Video/Audio … [Read more...]

How to change chat background in Telegram Messenger App

Telegram Messenger App

Telegram messenger app is gaining popularity. This application is being considered better than Whatsapp in terms of feature it provides. Though it is an open source however it is even more secure and faster than other IM apps (and it has an option for secret chat as well). If you have been using other instant messenger applications like Whatsapp or WeChat and you are fed up with the old apps then you can try out Telegram messenger. If you have not yet downloaded and installed the app, then read … [Read more...]

Telegram for Nokia Symbian – Download Messenger App on Nokia Mobiles

telegram messenger secret chat - group chat as well

The old times are long gone when Nokia phones used to rule the mobile phone market. Nokia was the largest and most successful mobile company, with everyone using their Symbian mobile phones (specially the S40, S60 and more recent N8/N9 range). The time has changed and the mobile market is captured by Android, iPhone and Windows devices. However there are still a few people who still use Nokia Symbian phones. These people though use an outdated device, however they don't want to loose out on … [Read more...]

Telegram Messenger for Blackberry Mobile Phones

telegram messenger secret chat - group chat as well

There was a time when Blackberry mobiles used to be the most popular smartphone. Top corporates used to carry Blackberry devices with them and cool. Soon after the word spread and lot of people started using these phones. One of the main reason of popularity of Blackberry mobiles was its native messenger app (famously known as blackberry messenger). If you are having a blackberry mobile, then I need not to tell you about importance of instant messaging. However thing have changed. Blackberry … [Read more...]

How to block user/contact in Telegram App

Telegram Messenger App

Whatsapp messenger is not the only application whose customer base is growing. Infact people are looking for alternatives and a better messaging application. What's being termed as the number one choice for Whatsapp alternative is Telegram messaging app. People from various parts of world (specially in Europe and India) are now trying this new app named "Telegram". The mains reasons are it is open source, accessible from multiple devices, more secure, allows to share large files and offers more … [Read more...]

Telegram Messenger Smileys or Emoticons List

telegram emoticons list

One of the very popular mobile messenger which is full of features is Telegram messenger application. This app is an open source and they offer API's as well for developers. Telegram is officially available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android, unofficially available for Blackberry and Nokia Phone. For other mobile platforms and computer, developers have come up with unofficial apps which also work very well. Telegram even works on your computer and your messages are synced between mobile and … [Read more...]

Telegram Messenger – How to Logout from Multiple Devices

telegram messenger secret chat - group chat as well

There are lot of software's and services which you can use in multiple devices at the same time. One of the very common example is your email client. For example you would have been already logged on in your Gmail account in your mobile phone and at the same time you start using Gmail on your computer. People have been wanting to use such a messenger (chat application) which they could be used from multiple devices at same time. You could be using any device at a particular time and you can … [Read more...]

Telegram for PC – Webogram : Online Messenging on Windows

Telegram Web Messenger named Webogram

One thing which I don't like about Whatsapp is that the application can be installed on only one device. So if you are using it on your mobile, then you cannot use it on your PC and if you are using it on PC, then you can't use it on mobile. This is quite unlike with the new mobile messenger Telegram. This mobile messenger can be accessed from multiple devices and all the messages are synced with each other. This feature again makes me inclined towards Telegram when compared to Whatsapp. In … [Read more...]