How to change Viber Ringtone and Message Tone on Mobile

In this tutorial post I will show you how you can change the ringtone or notification settings of your Viber messages and phone calls. By default when you signup with Viber, it assigns a default ringtone for messages and similar for phone calls. The default ringtone is bit old fashioned and you may want to change this ringtone to a more funky one. So lets learn how you can do that.

Please note that unlike Telegram application, you won’t be able to assign individual ringtone to various contacts. What you will be able to do in Viber is assign one ringtone for all the phone calls and one message tone for all messages. It would have been great if we were able to assign different ringtone for different contacts.

First thing you would need to do is open the Viber application. Then in order to change the ringtone > select Settings menu in the Viber. In the settings menu, you will need to select “Notifications”.

You will see options:

  • Show message preview > Tick this
  • Contact Joined Viber > Tick this (you will get notification whenever a new contact has joined viber). I find this useful.
  • New Message Popup
  • Light screen for messages
  • Unlock for popups
  • Outgoing message sounds (I have this selected)
  • Use System Sounds -: This is where you will be able to change the ringtone and set a new one. By default it may come as disable (it is no ticked). So tick this button and select this. This will enable the two menus just below it.

Call Ringtone -: This has a default ringtone selected. You can now change the ringtone (notification sound when someone calls you on Viber). Now select a new ringtone from this menu. It lists some predefined sounds. You will not be able to select any random song from Gallery.

Notification Sound (When someone just messages you) -: Similar to call ringtone, you can change notification sound in Viber as well. Pretty straight forward, just need to select a new sound and click ok.

That’s it, you have successfully changed the ringtone. Use below screenshots to see a picture view of the same information. Incase you have any problems changing your ringtone or notification sound, let me know in comment section and I will be happy to help you out.

viber change ringtone 1Viber change ringtone 2


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