Viber for Samsung Mobiles and Tablets – Galaxy, Wave

Viber is one of the most promising and useful mobile communication application. Viber application offers free phone calls and text messages to all the people who are also using the same app. In short if you are using Viber app and your friend is also using the same app (and both are online at same time) then you two can talk to each other for free (endlessly).

All it requires to make calls is internet in your phone (Data plan or if you use Wifi in your phone). The data consumed is also very less, you can refer to this post to know exactly how much data is consumed per call or per message. And if you would like to know more features about Viber application then you can refer to this post (Viber Review).

Coming to the availability of Viber application on Samsung devices – the app is available for almost all Samsung mobiles and tablets. This is because Viber app is available for Android, Windows and Bada Operating system. Samsung mobile are all either based on Android or windows or bada OS.

If you are aware of your Mobile Operating System

Viber for Bada Mobiles (Wave 3 and Wave M)

Viber automatically detects which of your contacts already have Viber. All you need to do is click on a name and start talking. No invites. No hassle.

  • Send and receive free text, picture messages and locations
  • Supports WiFi and 3G service
  • Syncs with your existing contact list
  • Wave M – Download Link
  • Wave 3 – Download Link

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Mobiles

It is based on Android Mobile Platform, so download the Viber app from above link for Android. Please note that the Viber app requires that you are using Android 2.2 and up on your mobile phone.

Viber for Samsung FAQ

I was surfing through internet and found that Viber fails to work on many Samsung Mobile phones. So what I am planning to do is compile a list of such FAQs which can help you out to install and use Viber app on your Samsung Mobile. So ask questions in the comment section and I will find answer for you!

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