Yuilop logoVoip Provider Name: UppTalk (formerly Yuilop)
Voip Provider Website
: http://www.upptalk.com/
Short Description: It is the same old Yuilop application, just re-branded now. However it has come up with many more features. UppTalk aka Yuilop already has more than 5.5 million users and growing everyday. UppTalk application now offers free calls to USA, Canada, UK Landlines and German landlines. It also offers ways to earn credit and using it to make free international calls to even non UppTalk users. Offcourse calls to other Yuilop/UppTalk users remains free.

UppTalk Video Tutorial

Key Features

  • Use it on any mobile – Has app for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Free Calls, Text and SMS Chat with UppTalk Users – For free with your friends who are also using this app
  • Free Calls to USA and Canada (Mobiles and Landlines) -: The offer is only for users with UppTalk numbers. Right now the numbers are available in US, UK, Spain and Germany. If you are in any of those countries and you get your UppTalk number you have unlimited Calls & SMS to any phone in the US.
  • For US users: Free Calls and Text to US & Canada – mobile and landlines.
    For UK users: unlimited calls to any UK landline.
    For German users: unlimited calls to any german landline and unlimited SMS to any German number.
  • Free Calls to Any Phone, Anywhere in the world – UppTalk offers free credit (and you can earn credit by completing offers, inviting friends). This free credit can be consumed to call any of your friends (anywhere in world using just any phone). For India it is 2 credits per minute of call.
  • Buy Credit and make cheap calls – You can also buy credit if you like and use it to make calls.

More information about UppTalk

  • UppTalk App Review – Discussing all details of UppTalk application and its features. Also list how (and who?) can make free calls to USA, UK, German, Canada phones. Get started with UppTalk with help of this review.
  • UppTalk Tutorial – How to Download, Install and use it to make Free Calls.
  • UppTalk Call Rates – Prices for International calling. Check out the calling rates and you will find out that these are very competitive.
  • UppTalk unofficial support forum – All your questions will get answered here!
  • UppTalk for PC – UppTalk app is not officially available for windows or Mac PC. However here you will find out a tutorial by which you can install and use UppTalk application on your windows and Mac PC (desktop or laptop)
  • UppTalk Recharge Account– Learn how you can recharge your UppTalk account or earn credit. You can use this purchased or earned credit to make international calls.
  • UppTalk Android App – Tutorial (with images and videos) on how to use UppTalk app on your android mobiles. It is a walkthrough of various features of UppTalk for android mobiles.

Download UppTalk (aka Yuilop) Voip Application

iOS App
Android App
Windows App
Blackberry App
PC Application
Nokia Symbian App