Yuilop Recharge – How to buy credit in UppTalk

Upptalk aka Yuilop has gained lot of popularity in the mobile voip industry. More than 5.5 million people have downloaded the Yuilop application. If you are new to Yuilop or UppTalk, I would suggest you to read this article. The app is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile phone.

The app was launched about two years back in the name of Yuilop, that time it offered a way to earn credit and use this credit to make calls. Quite recently its 2.0 version has been renamed to UppTalk and it has started offering lot more features.

Some of the features of this application are:

  • Get an UppTalk number: If you are an US/UK/German/Spain user then you will get an UppTalk number which can be used to receive calls
  • Free Calls to US & Canada: All the users with UppTalk number get to make free calls and sms to US and Canada
  • Free Calls to UK Landline: Valid for all UK users
  • Free Calls to German Landline: Valid for German users
  • Cheap/Free International calls: You can either earn credits (by completing a few promotional offer like downloading apps or watching videos). You can then use this credit to make international calls. You can call any mobile or any landline in any country (call even people who are not using this app).
  • Buy Credit and Make Calls

Calling Rates of Yuilop/UppTalk

As we said that you can buy credit to make international calls or earn credit to make calls, but the question is what are the calling rates ?

Read this article to check the calling rates.

How to Buy Credit or Recharge Yuilop/UppTalk account


How to earn credit

If you don’t want to buy credit, then you can earn credit by completing promotional offers. Check out this tutorial on how to earn credit using UppTalk application.

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