How to change Viber Ringtone and Message Tone on Mobile

viber for samsung mobiles and tablets

In this tutorial post I will show you how you can change the ringtone or notification settings of your Viber messages and phone calls. By default when you signup with Viber, it assigns a default ringtone for messages and similar for phone calls. The default ringtone is bit old fashioned and you may want to change this ringtone to a more funky one. So lets learn how you can do that. Please note that unlike Telegram application, you won't be able to assign individual ringtone to various contacts. … [Read more...]

Viber Stickers and Emoticons for Android Mobile Phones


If you check the latest data about how much time are people spending online (mobile or desktop), then you will find that chatting is top on the list. People love to chat and text each other and remain connected. And when it comes to chatting, one of the most cute way to share your feeling is with the help of emoticons or stickers. These emoticons or stickers are small images which actually mean something. Viber application has a huge list of free emoticons and stickers which are very lively. I … [Read more...]

Viber for android apk file free download

viber for samsung mobiles and tablets

Viber is a top mobile communication application available for almost all the platforms. The main feature of Viber app is that it allows you to make free calls to other Viber users. All you need is internet connection on your mobile and you will be able to place free calls to friends who are also using Viber and are connected to internet. The calls are absolutely free with no limit on duration or the number of calls. Moreover the data consumed (internet bandwidth consumed) is also pretty less … [Read more...]

Viber for Samsung Mobiles and Tablets – Galaxy, Wave

viber for samsung mobiles and tablets

Viber is one of the most promising and useful mobile communication application. Viber application offers free phone calls and text messages to all the people who are also using the same app. In short if you are using Viber app and your friend is also using the same app (and both are online at same time) then you two can talk to each other for free (endlessly). All it requires to make calls is internet in your phone (Data plan or if you use Wifi in your phone). The data consumed is also very … [Read more...]

Viber Data Usage – Viber Data Consumption per minute

Viber Data Usage make you worry

Lets do this interesting analysis and find out how much data does Viber consume during a phone call. Also if you are quite fond of chatting and messaging on Viber application then much bandwidth (data usage) is consumed per message. So if you are already using a 3G cellular plan or planning to purchase one, then this analysis may help you decide which plan to choose. We all know that Viber to Viber calls are free. However data is consumed during a phone call. So also we will take example of one … [Read more...]

How to delete Viber Account – Deactivate and remove Viber

Viber - how to delete this account

Though Viber is one of top communications apps offering free calls to other users, however there could be many reasons you may want to deactivate and delete your Viber account. Please note that deactivating your Viber account or deleting the account is different from just uninstalling the Viber app. Moreover the process varies if you are using Viber on your mobile or if you are using Viber on your computer. This article will describes all the aspects of Viber deactivation aka account … [Read more...]

Viber Ports on firewall – open these ports for a working viber on wifi

Viber Ports on Firewall to open up

Viber is one the greatest application for our mobile phones. I use this application all the time on my mobile (and computer as well) for making free calls to my friends who are also using Viber. So if this app starts giving problem, then it is a real pain. Some people have emailed to us that their Viber app is not working on their wifi network. Well it is a very common problem and with a simple solution as well. So if the below lines sound familiar to you (and you are facing similar issues with … [Read more...]

Viber Out Rates – Viber Out Call Charges complete rate list

viberout call rates

"Viber Out" is latest service by Viber which allows users to call any phone (mobile or landline) at very low rates. You can call these phones at low cost, even if they are not Viber users (that is currently they are not using Viber on their phone or on their computer). Viber Out is a pre-paid type of service in which you buy credit via in-app purchase (or with credit card/Pay Pal for desktop version). Calling credits are available in amounts of $4.99, $9,99 or $24,99. Making Calls with Viber … [Read more...]

Viber Out What is it – A Cheap Calling service to any mobile or landline

viberout voip service

Viber is one of the most widely used voip service. It is a cross platform application (available for desktop, tablets and all types of mobile phones) which offers free voice calls, free text messages, file and picture sharing with other viber users. On desktop, it even offers free hd video calls to other users. Viber has a user base of more than 200 million - with people from all over the world using it everyday to connect with their loved ones. Viber is number one competition to Skype. If you … [Read more...]

Viber Review : Download Viber for Free Calls, Free SMS, Free Video Calls

viber free calls and sms

Viber is number one social communication application available for all types of devices be it computer or smartphones. Viber is a cross platform instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application for smartphones developed by Viber Media. In addition to text messaging, users can exchange images, video and audio media messages. Viber was initially released for iPhone in 2010, posing a major competition to Skype. Soon it was launched for Android mobiles as well. The app was liked heavily … [Read more...]