Telegram – How to set individual notification/ringtone to specific contact

After the takeover of Whatsapp application by Facebook, a lot of people are making switch to different messenger applications for various reasons. One of the main app which is getting into focus is Telegram messenger. The main reason for its success is the set of features it offers.

Telegram messenger is being considered better than Whatsapp by many bloggers (we have even done a comparison of the two apps). Anyways this article assumes that you have successfully installed Telegram messenger on your phone (if not, then read this article). In this article, I will show you can you can control the ringtone settings (or set different notification alert for different contacts or different group chats). Setting custom ringtones for different chats helps in very easy distinction and you instantly know who’s pinging you (without even opening the phone).

To set common Notification/Ringtone

1. Select Settings (top right corner click dots and select settings)

2. Select “Notifications and Sound”

3. In that you have option to set : “Message notification”, “Group Chat notification”, “In app notification”, “Contact Joining notification”

To set custom notification (Ringtone for individual contact/chat)

1. Select the chat whose notification sound (ringtone) you want to change

2. Click on the chat icon (contact profile or group photo). It is located on rop right corner.

3. This will open up the contact info.

4. There you will see “Notifications” tab

5. You can either turn off notification (that is mute this chat) or change the sound.

5. Click on sound and change the ringtone

How to reset all custom notifications

1. Again go to settings > Notifications and Sounds

2. Scroll down to see “Reset all notifications”. Click this.

This will change back all your custom notification settings to default. This will also un-mute all your group chats and individual chats.

This will you will be able to change the sound for each individual chat or even mute a particular chat. Let me know if you face any difficulty following this tutorial and I will be happy to help.

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