Jumblo Voip Review – Free and Cheap International Calls

One of the very popular betamax voip services is Jumblo. Not only it offers very attractive calling plans like Free Calls (under its superdeals) and Cheap international calls, but it is quite easy to use and works on almost all types of devices. It is very popular and highly used in some of the middle east countries (like qatar and kuwait) where other voip services don’t work.

You can use Jumblo on your computer, your mobile phone (android, iphone, nokia or windows) and even on your tablets. It also offers SIP settings which enables it to be used on any device/software which supports sip calling (like Nimbuzz and Fring). All these feature set and its cheap rate make Jumblo a very attractive buy. However these are not the only points which should be considered when choosing a voip provider. Moreover as we said Jumblo may not work in your country so its better to know before actually buying credit. In this article I am trying to analyze Jumblo from all aspects which will help you decide whether you should use Jumblo or not.

Does Jumblo offer Free Calls ?

First thing first – you can first try Jumblo for free without buying any credit or without even downloading its software. Just visit its website where you will see the option to enter two phone numbers. Enter your phone number and the number you wish to call, Jumblo will connect you to your destination. The call duration is expected to be around 5 minutes based on the country you are calling.

Jumblo offers a SuperDeal – Free Calling Deal

There are several destinations which you can call for free. These destinations are marked as free in its calling rate list. Some of these countries are Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, USA, Canada etc.

  • Jumblo reserves the right after a certain amount of calls to start charging the default rate. Do not abuse free calls otherwise they will start charging you.
  • FREE CALLS are available for users with Freedays
  • FreeDays – Valid based on the credit in your account. So if you account has balance you are entitled to FreeDays (offcourse limited number of calls as mentioned above).
  • In order to get more Freedays, you have to top up your account by buying credit.
  • Once FreeDays are over, normal calling charges apply.

When you buy credit you will get 90 Free days (unless stated otherwise depending on the amount of credit). This means you can call countries from the ‘free destinations list’ for 90 days at no cost!

Jumblo Cheap International Calls

What about the countries where Jumblo does not offer superdeal and charges apply. Turns out that Jumblo calling rates are very competitive just like other betamax service. Please make sure you are checking the calling rates in the right currency and including taxes. Rates to popular destinations are as follows :

Country Name Jumblo Calling Rates (USD per min)
India Mobile 1.4 cents
Kuwait Mobile 9.4 cents
Qatar Mobile 18.9 cents
Nepal Mobile 14.2 cents
Dubai 15.7 cents

Does Jumblo work in Middle East ?

This question has been asked to us by so many people. Does Jumblo work in countries like “Qatar“, “Kuwait“, “Dubai” (UAE) etc.

And honestly I don’t know the answer for sure. It was working last time we checked and many people from these countries confirmed us. However the laws of these countries change time to time and sometime ban such voip services. So is Jumblo currently banned in middle east and does not work ?

  • Guys if you are from any of the above country and currently tried using Jumblo then please inform us in the comment section. Trust me, this will help a lot of people.

The way Jumblo works (using internet) – it should work in above countries. We will discuss how Jumblo can be used in next section. Only thing I want to highlight is “try using Jumblo on mobile phone using wifi internet and it should work”.

Recharge Jumblo – How to buy credit

This question is asked by so many people. How you do actually purchase credit with Jumblo or recharge your account.

  • Use your credit card to buy credit – Login to your account and make use of credit card to purchase credit.
  • You can also buy credit from resellers or redeem vouchers
  • Paypal and International bank transfers is also supported
  • Buy minimum credit worth 10 Euro
  • You may enable automatic recharge (not recommended by me) -: Your account will automatically be topped up with the amount you bought before as soon as your balance drops below € 1.00.

Check the image below (this tells a lot about Jumblo Recharge)

How to Recharge Jumblo Account

Jumblo Call Quality

So I have personally tried using Jumblo service (way back in 2009) and found the call quality pretty good. I tried Jumblo PC App (that is used on my computer) and it worked great. Call quality was good. Please note that almost all the betamax service use the same app (for mobile etc) and similar computer application so expect the same quality across all betamax voip services.

Also make sure you are using high speed internet to make calls, else you may face some delay/disturbance during the call.

Jumblo Software for PC

Download Link (Jumblo From Mirror Link) : https://www.jumblo.com/get_from_mirror

Using Jumblo on Mobile Phone

Jumblo works on almost all types of mobile phone – android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian etc. Basically you can download the mobile app and use your Jumblo login to make calls. The app is common across all betamax services.

  • ActionVoip for iPhone/iPod/iPad – Download ActionVoip on iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • ActionVoip for Android Mobiles – Download ActionVoip on Android
  • ActionVoip for Nokia Symbian – ActionVoip for Symbian Phones
  • ActionVoip for WindowsMobile – ActionVoip for Windows Phone
  • ActionVoip for Windows 8 Mobile – ActionVoip for Windows 8
  • ActionVoip for Blackberry Mobile – ActionVoip for Blackberry Mobiles
  • Use on any mobile phone using Local Access Number : Use a cheap local access number instead of the expensive international number you‘re trying to reach.

Jumblo Phone to Phone Calling

If you don‘t want to install Jumblo software on PC or mobile, you can set up a Jumblo call directly, Jumblo offers an in-browser solution for calling. Please note that your account will be charged both ways. Suppose you are calling India from Dubai using Jumblo, your account will be charged for “Call rate to India” Plus “Call rate to Dubai”, this is because Jumblo will first call you on your number in Dubai and then connect to your friend in India.

Link-: https://www.jumblo.com/instructions/phone_to_phone

Jumblo SIP Calling

  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar : sip.jumblo.com
  • Proxy server : sip.jumblo.com
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your Jumblo username
  • Password : your Jumblo password
  • Display name/number : your Jumblo username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) : stun.jumblo.com

Jumblo Customer Care

Expect no customer care with Jumblo. This is sad part about betamax. However that said, usually people don’t face too much problems when using voip services and don’t complain. If you face technical issues then other people can help you out.

  • VoipNina can help you – It is a community of people who use Voip for all their calling needs. Many of them use Jumblo, if you are facing any issue then please share with others in the comment section and someone can help you out.
  • Sometimes its better to know that other people are also facing the same issue and you are not alone!
  • No one from Jumblo will come to help you, so lets make our comment section as its support forum and lets help each other.
  • Use with care – Don’t make the mistake of buying too much credit, buy minimum credit. Some people have earlier complained that their credit card was charged but no balance added to Jumblo account.
  • Rates can change anytime (betamax is famous for this), so buy less credit at a time!


Review of Jumblo Voip Service
A betamax voip service, Jumblo is widely used because of free days policy, cheap calling rates and good call quality. However please note that just like other betamax services it also has tendency to vary its calling rates. Moreover it also has no customer support. So if you have decided to go with them, then make sure that you buy minimum credit.
3.5 / 5 stars


  1. haleemfp@gmail.com says

    Remeber, Please do not buy from Jumblo because there is no customer Support. Beleve me. I am a very old user of Jumblo, from around 4 years. Every time I used to recharge of Eur 25 or Eur 10 only. I never check my calling details in my account.

    When I check the account, its a big shock for me. Everytime there is a payment going from my account and its happening for every 3 days to one number +919892959820 and its mentioned as “Friend Recharge”. I dont know hows number is this. I called up this Guy, he is from Mumbai and I am doing some mobile Business.

    I think he hack the jumblo and Recharging this mobile always. I contacted Number but no response. I think its more than Euro 500 has gone from my account.

    I will never user jumblo again in my life.. I didn’t got any response from Jumblo for this.

  2. davidson says

    I use Smartgroshen app, simple, good quality of voice and sync with your phone contacts. Get 0.5 euro at start.

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