How to setup Sip Settings in Nimbuzz Mobile App

The times are long gone when we used to rely on our normal telecom for making international calls. These used to prove too costly, so people now prefer using voip services for local, national and international calls. Well technically you can actually make free calls as well (if you are using a voip application and the person you want to call is also using the same voip application).

In order to make free calls both the parties need to be using the same app and need to be connected to internet at same time. Often that this not the case and you end up using normal telecom for international calls. This is where voip can come into picture. If you have access to internet (on mobile or computer), then you can use a voip client to make cheap calls to any mobile or landline (that may not be connected to internet at all).

One of the way of doing so is SIP calling:

  • You buy credit from voip service (which you feel is very very cheap and reliable). In my case, I am using LocalPhone. But you can use ActionVoip or any other as well.
  • You can then use their native mobile apps or computer software to make calls
  • Otherwise you can just note down their SIP settings and configure this SIP settings in a voip client like Nimbuzz

In this article I will show you how you can configure just any SIP setting in Nimbuzz Mobile Application.

Configure SIP in Nimbuzz

Lets see how you can configure the sip settings. First thing > Click More > Select “Call Settings”

Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-41-41 Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-41-53

Then in the call settings > Select “Set Voip Provider” > In my case I see two options.

Select “SIP Provider” to enter your account details.

Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-42-12 Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-42-15

Enter your account details now. In my case, I am filling up localphone sip settings.

Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-42-44 Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-44-46

LocalPhone appears with green color. To make the call click the Dialer and enter the phone number. Call will get placed via LocalPhone only.


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