Nimbuzz Voucher Codes – Nimbuzz Promotions and Offers

nimbuzz voucher and promotion codes

Nimbuzz is one of the top growing voip providers. They have an app for almost all types of devices be it Android, iPhone, Windows or your computer. It offers free calls to other Nimbuzz users and that's not all - you can even make cheap international calls to just any mobile or landline (to people who are not using Nimbuzz client). This cheap international calling service is under the brand name of "NimbuzzOut". Well, you can use NimbuzzOut from any part of the world as long as you have access … [Read more...]

How to logout from Nimbuzz Account or Facebook on Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz Logout how to

We have now a flood of communications apps available for our smartPhones. It often happens that we see an upcoming app in the store and we end up downloading and installing the app. We register with them but soon realize that we do not actually need this app. What we want to do is simply logout from the app so that its notification do not bother us. If you have Nimbuzz messenger app installed in your phone and want to simply logout from the app then this article will help you do so. Signing up … [Read more...]

Nimbuzz Chat Rooms – How to Create, Join or Leave a Chat Room

Nimbuzz Chat Rooms

Nimbuzz messenger is one of the most popular voip client available for almost all mobile platforms. People at Nimbuzz believe that in the coming years, India will be the main market for mobile internet users. And with that, the main development of the app is done in India itself. A good amount of Nimbuzz users are Asian (Indians, Pakistani's and Bangladeshi people). One of the popular features on Nimbuzz is its Chat rooms. In simple words, Nimbuzz Chat rooms are similar to old yahoo chat groups … [Read more...]

How to setup Sip Settings in Nimbuzz Mobile App

nimbuzz sip settings configuration tutorial

The times are long gone when we used to rely on our normal telecom for making international calls. These used to prove too costly, so people now prefer using voip services for local, national and international calls. Well technically you can actually make free calls as well (if you are using a voip application and the person you want to call is also using the same voip application). In order to make free calls both the parties need to be using the same app and need to be connected to internet … [Read more...]

Download Nimbuzz Messenger Apk for Android Mobiles – Feature Overview

Download Nimbuzz For Android Mobiles and Tablets

It is the era of mobile phones and more specifically smartPhones. These days it is so easy and convenient to connect with your loved ones. Thanks to so many mobile voip applications freely available for your android and iPhones. One of the very popular and growing mobile messaging application is Nimbuzz. It offers a bunch of features including free text messaging, free calling to other Nimbuzz users, Group Chats, Chatrooms, Video and Picture sharing and what not. The feature list is pretty big, … [Read more...]

NimbuzzOut Call Rates – Look at all Calling Plans

NimbuzzOut Review and Calling Plans

Nimbuzz is a very popular computer and mobile voip application. Based out of Gurgaon (India), they have worked really hard to offer a great texting, chatting, voice calling application. It has started giving competition to voip giants like Skype and Rebtel. Nimbuzz is so popular that is has been downloaded more than 150 million times on various platforms. Good thing about Nimbuzz application is that it is available for all mobile platforms (Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian, iPhone, Java, Kindle … [Read more...]

Nimbuzz Review – Download Mobile and PC Messenger for Cheap Calls

Nimbuzz Free Calls and Messaging App

One of the very popular and probably one of the best free instant mobile messenger & phone app, available for your Windows PC, Mac or mobile phone is Nimbuzz. The idea about its popularity can be noticed from the fact that it has more than 150 million downloads on all mobile platforms. Nimbuzz mobile messenger is very popular among Indian people. Infact in 2012 Nimbuzz moved its headquarters from Rotterdam to New Delhi, India to be closer to the expected mobile Internet boom happening there … [Read more...]