NimbuzzOut Call Rates – Look at all Calling Plans

Nimbuzz is a very popular computer and mobile voip application. Based out of Gurgaon (India), they have worked really hard to offer a great texting, chatting, voice calling application. It has started giving competition to voip giants like Skype and Rebtel. Nimbuzz is so popular that is has been downloaded more than 150 million times on various platforms.

Good thing about Nimbuzz application is that it is available for all mobile platforms (Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian, iPhone, Java, Kindle Fire etc) and even offer computer application. We won’t go into too much details about Nimbuzz as you can anytime read our review on it.

In this article we plan to look at NimbuzzOut service. You can offcourse make free calls from Nimbuzz app to other Nimbuzz users, however if you want to call other mobiles (international calls) then you will have to shell out some money. The price is quite less when compared to your normal telecom or other voip services.

Under NimbuzzOut service, you can use Voip (internet) to make phone calls to normal mobiles. NimbuzzOut uses your internet connection to make incredibly cheap international calls to other mobiles & landlines, using credits you buy online.

  • You create a NimbuzzOut account
  • Install the app on your computer or your mobile
  • You buy credit from Nimbuzz so as to make international calls
  • You make calls and credit is automatically deducted from your account

Lets look at various calling plans which NimbuzzOut offers.

NimbuzzOut – Pay-As-You-Go calls to mobiles & Landlines worldwide

With Nimbuzz pay-as-you-go service you can make low-cost international and long distance domestic calls from your mobile or PC to other mobiles and landlines, using Nimbuzz Credits which you purchase online.

County Calling Rates (USD Per Minute)
India Mobile 1.59 cents per min
Pakistan Mobile 8.6 cents per min
USA 0.8 cents per min (less than one cent)
Bangladesh 2.8 cents per min

Nimbuzz Nigeria Calling Pack

Call Nigeria Cheap with Nimbuzz

  • Get 250 minutes of calling to Nigeria per month at $10.
  • Get 100 minutes of calling to Nigeria per month at $5.
  • Validity of minutes would be 30 days from the date of top-up.
  • Balance minutes post 30 days would be forfeited

NimbuzzOut China Calling Plan

Call China Cheap with Nimbuzz

NimbuzzOut USA Calling Plan

Its a great package for calling USA from India and other countries. Its way too cheap, you can even use it for business purpose and your bill will still be too less.

Call USA Cheap with Nimbuzz

NimbuzzOut Bangladesh Calling Plan

Call Bangladesh Cheap with Nimbuzz

NimbuzzOut India Calling Plan

They have quite a good range of plans for calling India. The below table contains the rates with all them of 30 days validity.

Minutes Pack Price Price Per Minute
(US Cents per minute)
400 $5 1.25
900 $10 1.11
1900 $20 1.05

NimbuzzOut Call USA from India

Nimbuzz office was shifted to India because they saw a huge scope in India market and the company wanted to remain close to its customer base. Recently they have been in news because of the cheap international calling plans which they have offered. To summarize and cut the long story short

  • You can use Nimbuzz from India
  • You can download and use Nimbuzz on mobile or computer application
  • Nimbuzz offers international calls to USA at 1paisa per minute
  • Lowest and best possible way to call USA from India.

Apart from the above plans, time to time NimbuzzOut comes up with some special calling plans and offers. Keep checking this blog for more of such offers.

NimbuzzOut Credit

Nimbuzz Credits are used to pay for NimbuzzOut and other products and services. Simply download the Nimbuzz application, set up an Account and purchase your Nimbuzz Credits. The balance of your account will be shown in your own private Account section online and will decrease automatically as you make NimbuzzOut calls and use other paid-for products and services. You can view your balance and/or top up your Nimbuzz Credits at any time by signing in to your Account page from your mobile or computer.

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