Google Hangout Emoticons List – Everthing you need to know

One of the best ways to express your feeling and emotions (while in a chat) is by using emoticons or smileys. These are quite unique in style, super cute and fun to use. These have been available for quite sometime (even the old version of Skype have this feature), however it was only because of Whatsapp that these got so much popularity.

Whatsapp has a huge list of emoticons divided into several categories – based on types, special occasions, activities and other random things. With the availability of so many different emoji’s, the usage also got varied. Now people not only use them for chatting purposes but also have created fun games using these. “Guess the names” and “emoticons stories” puzzles are so much popular on Whatsapp.

Tapping the same popularity, Google Hangout (just like Whatsapp) offers a huge list of emoticons for Android Mobiles, iPhones and Chrome extension. These are structured in various categories.

This article is all about Google Hangout Emoticons – everything you need to know about. This page is collection of all information on Google Hangout emoticons.

Hangout’s Emoticons on Android & Chrome List

Below is a huge list of emoticons …

1. Moods, People & Gestures

Hangouts Moods, People & Gestures

2. Objects, events and parties

hangouts objects and items

3.  Nature world and weather

hangouts worls and weather

4. Technology, transport and communication

hangout technology

5. Symbols, signs and posters

hangout signs and symbols

6. More emoticons symbols

hangout smiley symbols

Hangout’s Emoticons on iPhone/iPad List

Below is a huge list of emoticons …

 1. Moods, People & Gestures

iPhone emoticons

2. Animals & Flowers


3. Transport, Sports & Food


4. Houses, Transport & Flags


 5. Numbers and Symbols


Emoticons from iPhone to Android

As you can already see above that the emoticons are different that on iPhone and the ones on Android. So what if you send a message from iPhone to Android. For example you sent a flag from iPhone to Android mobile. Now what will happen is Android will try to map it to a particular emoticon in its own list. In most cases it fill find an alternate emoticon compatible with your phone. So for flag – France flag from iPhone comes as “FR” in android.

More Hidden Google Hangout Emoticons

Below is a list of the ways to bring up some more hidden emoticons to already so good hangout emoticon library.

I am trying to search for more apps (available in Google Play store) which will give access to lot more emoticons. Will search and update here (let us know if you are already aware of such apps).

Emoticons Shortcuts

Earlier we were used to the simple codes like :), 🙁 etc.. however these don’t work anymore. If you types these codes (as it is being mentioned on internet by lot of blogs), these will not get transformed to any smiley. These will go just as plain text, so point try to look for shortcuts or smiley codes. Use the ones already provided by Google hangouts.

Hangout Emoticons Meaning

This website has meaning of almost all the smileys –


  1. says

    Seems you are talking about the new Google Hangout Stickers for iOS.
    Google Redesigns Hangouts For iOS (update to latest app), Adds Video Messages And Animated Stickers. I guess this is not yet available on Google Android itself! Let me check again..

    • Ivan says

      Hi Madhur, I am talking about the icons on Android, I downloaded your image but when I try to resize it, it gets pixelated.


      • says

        But why would you want to download the above images..
        These Google hangout emoticons are available on every mobile (which includes your android phone as well). What you need to do is just use them.

        How ?

        1. Suppose you are chatting with a person in Google Hangouts.
        2. You can access the keyboard (just start typing anything) and keyboard will come automatically.
        3. On the keypad you will see a smiling face (on my nexus, it on bottom right side). Click that smiling face.
        4. You will all the available emoticons (smileys).

        If for any reason, you still want me to upload the full size (bigger images) of these emoticons, let me know and I will do so. Infact if you want I can email them to you as well.

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