Telegram for Nokia Symbian – Download Messenger App on Nokia Mobiles

The old times are long gone when Nokia phones used to rule the mobile phone market. Nokia was the largest and most successful mobile company, with everyone using their Symbian mobile phones (specially the S40, S60 and more recent N8/N9 range). The time has changed and the mobile market is captured by Android, iPhone and Windows devices. However there are still a few people who still use Nokia Symbian phones. These people though use an outdated device, however they don’t want to loose out on latest applications. Well they have full right to remain connected with their loved ones. They also want to use all the instant messaging applications.

When it comes to instant messaging apps, Whatsapp does work on Nokia Symbian phones. However with everyone now switching to Telegram messenger (as it is considered better than Whatsapp), the people using Nokia also have to start using this app if they want to remain connected with their loved ones. The reason people want to try out Telegram app is pretty simple, it offers much more features than any other instant messaging app.

So does Telegram really have app for Nokia Symbian Mobiles ?

Nope, telegram does not have any official application for Nokia Symbian devices. However that said, since the app is open source developers can go ahead and build clients for different platforms which includes Nokia Symbian. I searched the internet looking for apps working on Nokia phones.

Infact I found one app made for Nokia phones (it was a Java based Telegram application) and people have confirmed that it does work out for them.

  • Refer to this article to get Telegram app for Nokia Phones (Download link removed currently, as it got infected. Will post the jar file soon – Telegram Java App)
  • Found working for Nokia mobiles including S40, S60
  • Works for few Nokia Asha Phones
  • Please note that this is an unofficial release, so please use it at your own risk (or consult with people at forum about this).

Telegram Messenger App for Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones

How to use Telegram on Nokia Symbian Phone ?

If the above does not work out for you, then don’t get sad as you can still use Telegram on your Symbian phone (by using a simple tutorial). How, lets find out.

Some days back, I posted about “Webogram” and how you can use Telegram app online using your browser. Well that holds true for mobiles as well.

You can use Telegram online client in your Blackberry browser.

  1. Open this link for Webogram

  2. On the screen click “Start messaging“.

  3. They will ask to enter your phone number. Enter your number with country code.

  4. Click next and they will send a code to your phone.

  5. They will check the code and open up the app on your browser. Start chatting.

For features about this online telegram app, please read this article. If you face any difficulty using the Webogram on Nokia mobile, then please let us know in the comment section. I will try to help you out.

Request for official app

I request Nokia Symbian developers (if there are any) to go ahead, use Telegram API support and make an app for these mobiles. If you are requesting the same, then post your comments.

Telegram for Nokia Lumia Range

These are different from Symbian mobiles as these are based on windows OS. Please refer to this article on how to use Telegram App on Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia).


  1. Cena says

    Yes, that telegram messenger works really good on my Asha mobile. I have downloaded from that techdiscussion and have successfully tested on my Asha 800.

    • says

      Thanks Cena for confirming that the app works on Nokia Asha Mobiles. Will it be possible for you to send us the jar file.

      it has been currently removed from that forum as the file got infected. So can you please email us the file at “”.

    • says

      Well UN-fortunately the file has been removed because it for infected. What you can still do is try using the webogram service on your mobile. It works!

  2. gufo_triste says

    Hi, i tried to use webogram on my mobile browser Opera, installed on a nokia N8-00 device. I got problem on generating keys. i cant get it on my phone as i get it using a browser from laptop. what can i do?

  3. anu says

    hi i am not able to access it. i entered number with country code but it is showing no account acssociated.

    • says

      You have to create an account via the app, as registration is not supported vi webo gram, well try using bluestacks or youwave to get an hands on try on it! 😀

  4. zack says

    What is the status now as of 3rd August? Is there a working Telegram app for Nokia S40 or for Java than can run on S40 phones?

  5. Titibandit says

    Hey guys,

    Any news about the java app for Telegram ? I still can’t find it anywhere on internet.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. says

    A jar doesn’t simply “get infected”. More likely people found out about the infection and you decided to take it offline until it is “fixed”? Whatch out for viruses folks

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