Google Hangouts for Windows 8 PC and Mobile Phone

Hangouts for Android, iPhone and Computer

Google Hangouts is one of the most widely used application for video calling. It is an application by Google itself and is used by large number of people on their PC and android mobile phones. Now it is quite obvious that Google Hangout is available for android mobiles because this mobile operating is also by Google. However the good thing is that this video calling application is available for iPhone (and other iOS operating devices) as well. Now we all know that main competition of Google … [Read more...]

Google Hangout Emoticons List – Everthing you need to know

hangout smiley face

One of the best ways to express your feeling and emotions (while in a chat) is by using emoticons or smileys. These are quite unique in style, super cute and fun to use. These have been available for quite sometime (even the old version of Skype have this feature), however it was only because of Whatsapp that these got so much popularity. Whatsapp has a huge list of emoticons divided into several categories - based on types, special occasions, activities and other random things. With the … [Read more...]

How to Change Google Hangout Ringtone

how to change ringtone hangout

It was quite recent that Google Voice, Google Talk and other services got merged into Google Hangouts. It remains one of the top used mobile and computer application for text chat and video calls. Gradually I have also started moving from Skype to Google Hangout in terms of my video calls to friends and family. Quite a lot of my friends have started using Hangouts. Now and then, I keep receiving text messages and video calls on my Google Hangout apps installed on my android mobile. What I … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts – How to see who is online

Google Hangout Check Whos Online

Well most of us have been using Gmail for quite sometime now (few are from Yahoo mail background). Talking about Gmail Chat it was pretty damn easy to figure out who is online. The Google Talk has been replaced with Google Hangouts and a few people have been facing problem in knowing which of their contact is online. Offcourse it is important to know who is currently online - these are the people with whom you can start your hangout. If they are not online (connected to internet and have … [Read more...]

How to share screen on google hangout for free – Tutorial

Share Screen Google Hangout

So you are looking to share your device screen with another person. Well it is quite possible with the help of new Google Hangout. The new hangout app allows you to share your computer screen with the person whom you are video calling with. If you are reading this article then it is quite obvious that you have successfully installed the Google Hangout app on your device (whether you want to use it on your computer) or your mobile phone or your tablet. If not, then you are advised to go … [Read more...]

Improve Google Hangouts Video Call Quality – Problems resolved

Google Hangout Video & Voice

Google Hangout is one of the most used and a very popular video calling client. It is available for iPhone, Android Mobiles and you can even use it in your computer as well. Well if you are reading this article then it is quite obvious that you have successfully installed the Google Hangout application on your device (whether it is your mobile phone or computer). However if you are new to Google Hangouts then please go through this review about this application. If you are using it on your … [Read more...]

Google Hangout Android – How to Video Calls (or Group Video Calls)

Hangouts for Android, iPhone and Computer

If you are having an Android mobile then you must already be familiar with this application named "Google Hangouts". On some mobile it comes with a default name of "Google Talk" whose latest and updated version is known as Hangouts. For first time when you start the app, Hangout tries to connects with your Google account. I am sure you guys must already be familiar with your Gmail Chat client (which allows you to text chat with your friends aka Gtalk client). Now this Hangout app goes a bit … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts Review – Make Free Group Video Calls

Hangouts for Android, iPhone and Computer

One thing that every internet user is aware of is Google. Whether it is search, email account, Google Plus (social networking) or android, everything by Google is so damn popular. When it comes to voip technology (voice and video calling), then Google is no way behind. Google's very old Gmail chat is probably the most used chat client. Its advanced version Gtalk (the application for chat on PC and mobile phones) is used by almost all. Infact if you are using an Android mobile, then Gtalk may … [Read more...]